VR experience hall,Let you knock at the door of wealth

- Apr 20, 2018-

VR experience hall,Let you knock at the door of wealth


In general can be through the analysis of vr experience pavilion market, experience a the cost of the investment in 1-2 yuan, but for consumer spending in 20 yuan, so it has high profitability, as long as the guarantee of market demand and business, so, profit is easy.

Now, a medium amount of vr experience pavilion customers every day about 100 to 200 or so, there are about 3000 to 6000 a month, a month profit is 60000 to 120000, to remove the rent, employee expenses, a month can earn about 35000 or so.

Precautions for opening vr experience hall:

1. Definition and product status

Vr virtual reality experience hall is simply defined as an offline place where a variety of vr devices and entertainment products are installed. Vr experience is provided to users through a paid experience. VR experience hall is considered to be the earliest form to realize profit under VR wave. According to a study by industrial media, the number of VR virtual reality experience hall in 2018 exceeded 2,000, and it is estimated to be 3,000 to 5,000 in 2019.

2. Site and decoration

At present, virtual reality is a strange concept for the general public. For new technology, children and young people are more receptive than the elderly. So consumers should consider when selecting a location positioning and traffic, often should choose in the stream of people concentrated comprehensive shopping malls, amusement parks, cinemas, scenic spots, near schools, etc., or Internet cafes, museum, science museum and other places. Choose the right site and consider decoration at the back. You can feel more scientific and technological and create a cool feeling.

3. Hardware equipment

The most important thing of experience hall is experience, so the choice of equipment is especially important. At present, the category of virtual reality hardware devices suitable for operation is relatively simple. The high-end VR headwear brands on the market mainly include HTC Vive, PSVR, OCulus Rift and samsung Gea VR, and the corresponding computer configuration must be kept up, otherwise it will directly affect the subsequent operation.

In addition to VR headsets, hardware devices such as egg chairs, racing cars, tumbling chairs, bicycles and skiing should also be considered.

4. VR content

With the site and the hardware, the content is also important. At present, most vr virtual reality experience rooms are mainly about shooting and music. In order to attract consumers to consume twice and improve the stickiness of consumption, rich VR content is essential.

5. Highlight planning

In addition, vr virtual reality experience pavilion on the planning of best experience has its own window, window with advanced, novel and science and technology feeling strong is a plus, game content, simulation is, immersive, interactive, requirements on best excellence. For example, in addition to computers and headwear, it is equipped with complete VR games, which increases the immersive experience of game peripherals and certain venue scale.

6. Operation service

Besides VR equipment and experience content, operating modes such as billing and timing and additional services are also key factors influencing the success of VR virtual reality experience hall.

Pricing is usually based on a retailer's cost recovery estimate, device experience model, the maximum daily experience capacity of a store, and even the local consumption concept and consumption level.

Therefore, merchants need to be careful in pricing, which not only conforms to the high-end positioning of VR experience hall, but also cannot keep consumers away from high-end products.

7. VR experience hall +

In the early stage of operation, the pressure of cost recovery will be high. In addition, publicity highlights need to be considered. Stores can combine VR experience with other operating themes. Such as VR + experience museum cafe, VR experience pavilion + Internet cafes, VR experience pavilion + video games, VR experience hall, board games, VR experience hall + bar, 9d VR experience hall, KTV, VR experience hall + restaurants, VR experience pavilion, bookstores, etc.

On the one hand, the investment risk can be reduced; on the other hand, the revenue channels of the store can be enriched.

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