VR infiltrates life

- Feb 22, 2019-

VR infiltrates life


Virtual reality (VR) is widely used in our lives, and more and more industries and fields are integrated with it. It has already subverted our initial impression of it.

VR contract

When it comes to signing a contract, we think of people from both sides sitting in the same office to negotiate, and now I want to successfully sign the contract and have a new way of playing.

Boost VC signed a venture capital plan with startup Arthur Technologies, and the contract was completed on Arthur Technologies' virtual reality collaboration platform.

The startups demonstrated their technical capabilities in a novel way. The general manager of Boost VC said it was easier to discuss the company at any time during the VR meeting, even more efficient than a face-to-face meeting in reality.

Want to work safely? Then let you experience the feeling of falling from the sky first.

In the construction area of the Zhongdi Plaza project in Jiulongpo, Chongqing, the first VR security experience hall was opened to allow construction workers to learn safety knowledge.

They can experience the feeling of falling from a high altitude, or what it feels like to be caught in a high-altitude object. After they experience these common accidents, they will pay more attention to self-protection and operate in a standardized manner.

Use VR head to track your emotions

In terms of tracking emotions, VR has a broad application prospect, and startup MindMaze is using EEG and eye tracking to track user emotions. The Loodxid VR they use is a system that interprets all sensory inputs to help VR industry workers more accurately capture their current state.

For example, in the application environment of education and training, to track the “doubt” emotions, you can understand the learning status of the students. It seems that the tracking of emotions is quite necessary.

VR helps you learn many languages

The biggest difficulty in learning a foreign language is that we cannot communicate with others in the corresponding context, which leads to a very long cycle of language learning.

Developer ATi Studios has released an app called MondlyVR, which uses virtual reality technology to create real-world scenes that allow you to talk to robots.

The app provides instant immersion, feedback on pronunciation, and enriches learner vocabulary, supporting conversations in 30 different languages.

You no longer need to find someone in the language to contact, just use a virtual reality helmet and MondlyVR software.

In addition to the widespread use of virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) is used in many of our life work areas. For example, motorcycle helmets can make driving safer; military use to identify and predict hazards, display objects outside the line of sight, provide safe routes, and more.