VR is changing the sport industry at an unprecedented rate.

- Jan 31, 2018-

VR is changing the sport industry at an unprecedented rate.


When skiers and skateboarders start to prepare for the game, they usually can't go to the game site early for field drills. But the U.S. ski team is starting to use vr technology to prepare for the south Korean winter ski race. They are working with a company called STRIVR. The company has developed VR training programs for professional sports teams and university sports teams. STRIVR has also partnered with larger companies such as wal-mart, visa and ruilion.

Jeremy Bailenson, director of the virtual human interaction lab at Stanford university, said: "one of the rules I use for VR is that it is very useful for the real world. However, with the emergence of virtual reality technology, the scarcity problem began to decrease greatly. American skiers and skateboarders can actually relive the skiing process through vr technology. Lifelike simulations can produce a similar experience of real skiing to their brains. Troy Taylor, head of ski and snowboarding in the United States, says that by using vr technology, athletes can look at their schedule more thoroughly and respond to it. They say VR can even help injured athletes recover quickly.

"What we do with STRIVR is to get feedback from athletes and coaches who have taken part in the World Cup," says Taylor. Through 360 degrees video and VR can improve the athletes' confidence and play in the game. Bailenson believes that through this repeated practice, athletes can be more thorough than ever. "I think their psychological preparation is unmatched."

The sport industry is one of many industries that have been infiltrating vr technology since last year. From VR sports broadcasting to VR sports simulation, VR technology is changing the sports industry at an unprecedented speed, and the immersive technology makes sports events within reach.