VR is not only the trendy toy of the entertainment industry

- Jan 24, 2018-

VR is not only the "trendy toy" of the entertainment industry.

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When vr technology and equipment can safely provide users with a comfortable experience, the combination of vr and entertainment content will enter the formal promotion period. VR not only enhances the perception of content, but also enhances the overall ability of content creation.

VR is the new carrier of future content.

"Filmmakers and audiences alike may be overly concerned with the technical experience and ignore the content," said spielberg, who questioned the feasibility of VR films at the cannes film festival. But in March 2018, his VR movie, player one, will be released. In the film, the director shows the life, study and entertainment of the concept of the future with the development of the future VR. The film has not yet been released, and the hot topic has been ignited by VR enthusiasts.

"I drive a spacecraft is heading for another planet, landing on the planet's surface, all of a sudden the headphones came in another person's call, the line of sight, another huge spaceship coming to me, the last is suspended in my head, just talk to me, is the driver of a spacecraft."

"Through a head-mounted VR headset, a gamepad, you can meet another person in space, which is the real experience of VR." Pan bo, a veteran VR practitioner, was excited to describe his work status to a reporter for the entertainment value officer (ID: wenyujiazhiguan).

Pan BoHang founded after VRplay community, has been with a group of players of VR expectant continuously explore: "I and our fleet is constantly trying to reach the best VR experience, from the assembly to explore a huge screen array immersive, to the development of VR wore a device, to by VR equipment to complete the development of VR games content."

Many VR practitioners have entered the VR industry for the same reason, and represent the future vision of many VR practitioners. , pan BoHang explained: "I believe many of VR practitioners in the field work, the initial inspiration comes down in the past few decades many science fiction literature, film and television content, novel" avalanche ", the movie "the matrix", ACG "sword god domain", has a deep thinking and human to the future development of science and technology progress of VR technology application situation of bold ideas."

Ideal VR usage scenario, it is can replace the existing platform for any real scene, in the work of various entertainment behavior could be transferred to the VR, further breakthrough the limitation of space of time, will not be able to exist in realistic places, events, identity, behavior and so on element brings people, so people can get desirable can't even imagine the emotions and feelings.

Therefore, VR will present the future of content.

The entertainment gene that VR cannot ignore.

VR is not a technology, it is the medium of content display, especially for entertainment content, VR has completed a huge upgrade to the sensory experience of entertainment content.

BoHang pan said: "in an age of technology co., LTD., the information content is through the medium of text, images, video, VR helps the user in a new way for the content, the content of information obtaining and understanding to complete the upgrade."

In the process of the traditional reading, watching, people use the senses, mostly in the form of a single words and images on eyes of obtaining and understanding, and in the process, other several senses is dominated by the outside world, it will cause loss of access to content. The device of VR can enter the multi-sensory integration and contact information with the greatest feeling ability.

For this reason, VR plays an inevitable role in game entertainment industry and film and television industry. It also makes education and popularization of the market, and vice versa.

Game industry and there are a lot of film and television industry front players or fans, the fans have been using the most advanced technology, the hardware, they drive the hardware sales, and senior players to the requirement of advanced configuration, also drove the iterative VR upstream and downstream products. Thus, the VR and entertainment industries can enter into a virtuous cycle of mutual promotion and rapid development. The combination of VR and content will definitely be an important direction for industry development and promotion.

Overview of China's VR entertainment market.

The content of VR entertainment has already formed some business forms, such as a large number of VR entertainment devices, VR theme parks, VR experience halls, VR cinemas and so on. Even so, the domestic VR market is not optimistic.

With the decrease of hardware cost brought by the popularity of smart phones, the cost of VR equipment is reduced and the experience is in good condition. For the domestic market, the design, packaging, operation, iterative and other soft power lack a lot.

Compared with the domestic VR market, pan has given this analysis:

VR industry progress abroad largely stems from a C end users to actively promote, in recent years, foreign C end user presented good growth trend, but the domestic C end user improvement is not big, largely because the domestic online VR too little content resources, to reach the C end user education.

The domestic offline market is better, the VR experience center and the VR theme park are all opening the market, but the market feedback is extremely poor, because the adaptation cost and education cost are too high. Domestic offline vr products (such as stores, theme parks) too humble, and vr products equipped with operating personnel to vr understanding is not deep, making it impossible to use vr features and advantages of C end users, to attract enough consumer interest.

Foreign VR entertainment project design is more mature, the operation system is more perfect. The Voied, Japan's VR ZONE, for example. Both of them have achieved amazing experience through the combination of perfect site layout and advanced vr technology in a fixed site. With the experience design of independent building and detail feeling, the operation ability and design ability are the best embodiment of VR, forming the consumers' continuous consumption psychology of the product.

The Void scenario

Such mature operation operation, it is the lack of domestic VR. VR offline project, need through the site in the independent space build a different position, and the applications of different IP to the corresponding parts, so as to be totally immersed in the virtual world of sensory experience. Online games also need to be combined with offline design.

How to build VR content.

Pan BoHang founded Klabs interaction design laboratory is one of domestic VR interaction design team of professionals, he told the officer cultural value (ID: wenyujiazhiguan) reporter, VR was one of the most important and immersive telepresence, but only the custom environment and function of custom-made, to experience the good immersive telepresence.

"Immersion is the idea that the experiencer believes in the existence of the environment, and that the presence of the experience is what makes the experiencer believe that he is in the environment." Pan stressed that achieving a good immersive feeling is strongly related to the effectiveness of the device, and the need to continue to use better equipment to reduce dizziness, screen window effects, latency, and so on. A good sense of presence needs to focus on polishing the interaction process. "If there is a door in the game screen, we might be able to make a door out of the offline space and reach the tactile touch."

In addition, social relationships are key to a high-quality VR experience. In the VR game of Star Wars, through the use of social relations, it is enough to make the experiential people love VR content.

For example, in a segment of the VR game Star Wars, instead of using the commonly used virtual characters and experiencers' interaction design, we embed different characters into the game. Experience can be found, when you open a spacecraft during the flight, you can see another huge ship was driven by other real role, but also can complete the dialogue and exchanges on both sides, and such experience is like entering another real world.

VRZONE application scenario.

VR as a medium that can be done with different content, but the logic is the form of the different content through VR, for example, using simple VR glasses watch phone type, can be done, through the action of the seat sound more sensory experience, but this has not been enough to maximize the performance of the charm of VR, only feel immersed VR experience completely represent the height of the VR entertainment and content integration. Pan's Klabs interactive design lab is working in this direction.

Based on fully immersive VR experience feeling, pan BoHang founded Klabs ARGO is building of theme parks, with The Voied and VR ZONE, same ARGO theme park will build in The fixed building a virtual world, wearing VR equipment of experience in The game can enjoy smooth interaction process. In addition, Klabs will also try to integrate multiple content and IP to create a multi-ip VR business ecosystem.

ARGO theme park display.

Offline market on the market, combined with lots of entry-level VR head and the spread of hardware, offline product how to make people to produce enough experience of VR devices, and higher end VR interest, became a challenge. IP can be a breakthrough, not only for the propagation of vr products, but also for the products and services made by IP, which can make the products based on vr experience more complete.

In today's content rich, the development of VR entertainment has had the good environment, capital, entertainment content as VR and combination of the first industry, in the content and VR continuously alternate mutual loop, VR will inevitably lead the entertainment industry into a new generation.

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