VR+ is pushing into areas such as automobiles and real estate

- Jul 26, 2018-

"" VR+" "is pushing into areas such as automobiles and real estate

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In dongfeng nissan advanced engineering technology center (AEP) is used in the new development of VR virtual reality technology to virtual evaluation, technical personnel in the early development stage, the new car to design the 3 d model of visualization by VR technology, and through the control handle, such as laser positioner equipment real-time fine-tuned, found the future possible problems, check in advance, improve, in the new car development design phase to ensure quality... VR technology is already an important tool in automobile manufacturing. The combination of "VR+" and traditional industries has become a major direction for the future development of the industry.

In many car brands, VR has become in the automobile manufacturing is an important tool and means, it can make is in the development stage of the vehicle in the virtual world revealed in advance, for engineers for evaluation and validation, virtual USES a set of evaluation system of VR immersion defects greatly reduce product development stage, also can shorten the development cycle. Dongfeng nissan told reporters that dongfeng nissan advanced engineering technology center (AEP) USES professional software such as RTT and Techvie to realize 3D real-time simulation technology, which can provide complete simulation and workflow solutions based on CAD data input. In addition, automobile companies also try to interact with consumers through VR. For example, dongfeng NISSAN started to set up "NISSAN galaxy battleship", a special area for NISSAN zhixing technology VR experience in the core stores of major cities in China last year. Consumers wear VR glasses, interact with dynamic platforms, play with IDSCONCEPT cars and many "black technologies".

In addition, how to combine with traditional industries has become a breakthrough for more and more enterprises. Nine's company also said that it has created different VR technology solutions in the industries of flight, medicine and tourism, for example, in the real estate field, real estate enterprises are also actively optimizing sales experience through VR technology. Virtual sample room built by VR technology provides customers with almost real viewing experience.

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