VR panorama for the industry, do you understand?

- Mar 14, 2019-

VR panorama for the industry, do you understand?


VR panoramic display technology can express a scene in a real, comprehensive and intuitive way, so it develops rapidly and becomes popular on a global scale.

Now that the VR panorama is still in the blue ocean of industry competition, what industries can VR panorama invest in?

1. Promotional display

When the company attracts investment, business negotiation, talent exchange, etc., the airport uses a panoramic display to promote the company's environment and scale to highlight the company's strength and charm.

For example, beauty clubs, fitness clubs, coffee, bars, restaurants, etc., using VR panoramic display promotion methods, can clearly convey the environment to customers, creating favorable conditions beyond competitors.

2, hotel catering

It is a good way to attract customers by using the panoramic view of the hotel's various dining and accommodation facilities. The panoramic display remotely displays the hotel's room type, restaurant facilities, conference service facilities and other related facilities on the Internet, allowing guests to experience the hotel scene intuitively during the online booking stage, which greatly facilitates customers to select rooms for customer confirmation and selection. Room. In turn, it promotes customer reservations and improves efficiency.

3, the property panorama

VR panoramic real estate display can display the appearance, house structure, layout and interior design of the real estate on the Internet. Buyers can take a step-by-step look at the full view of the property and basic information on a variety of smart devices to further attract customers to the field and increase their desire to buy.

If the model room created by VR can effectively reduce the operating cost of the real estate company, the ancestors will get the order one step at a time.

In addition to understanding on the smart device, the live display can be displayed on the touch screen or large screen, saving the buyer's trading time and cost;

VR panoramic real estate display is an excellent tool for new media promotion. It can be shared with family members and friends who have needs around it, let customers share with more people, become a communicator, and do more accurate and effective communication.

4, tourist attractions

VR shows the environment, facilities and service functions of the scenic spot, giving the audience an immersive experience. Combined with the tour guide of the scenic spot, the audience can freely shuttle between the various attractions through the Internet and smart devices. It is the best promotion tool for the promotion and promotion of tourist attractions and tourism products. Before the customers come to the scenic spot, they should understand the whole scenery of the scenic spot. Scenic spot, realize the attraction navigation function.

5, commercial display

With the three-dimensional panoramic virtual display, the display of related spaces such as shopping malls, home building materials, and specialty stores is no longer limited by time and place, making visitors more convenient and faster, and greatly saving costs.

6, virtual campus

In the publicity introduction of the school, with the 3D panoramic virtual campus display, you can realize the beautiful campus environment anytime and anywhere, show the strength of the school and attract more students. Can be published to the network, or can be sent to the school introduction CD.

In the history of mankind, any technological innovation that can cause revolutionary influence will ultimately fundamentally change our way of life. For example, cars and airplanes have changed the way they travel, and radio and television have changed the way information is obtained. The impact of the Internet is even more profound. It is.