VR shooting makes you immersive

- Apr 08, 2019-

VR shooting makes you immersive

VR virtual reality technology has been paid more and more attention by gamers. This new game technology will undoubtedly change the traditional game mode. Among the various game types, FPS game VR will bring more popular games. Experience. The VR shooting game is different from the traditional FPS game. Although it is not comparable to the traditional FPS game, it changes the rigid and simple gun posture. In the VR shooting game, the gun can be determined in any direction of the body, even your posture. Shooting accuracy.


Shooting is more visual

In the game, move, transfer, dodge, shoot, and slash between maps to complete the task. Gorgeous and metallic images, intense and wonderful combat effects, especially from the sky, the sniper killing machine Mars splashing the moment, coupled with futuristic music, will definitely make your blood spurt. In addition to realistic graphics, cool to explosion effects. The biggest reason is that it has a very strong immersive interactive experience!

Shooting battles are more exciting

In the game, when you repel the enemy's wave of attack, in the gap before the second wave of enemies, you are holding a pair of guns, on the empty street, only to hear the creaking wind. In an instant, you seem to be transformed into Xu Wenqiang on the beach. Pride is born. At this time, you completely forget that you are holding a VR handle, and feel that you are holding a pair of guns, and you are standing on the street. Wanfu is open, waiting for the arrival of the enemy and enjoying the silence of this moment. I still enjoy the thrill of holding a pair of guns in the game, and it feels very real.

Get rid of the traditional new investment

In the VR shooting game: the player can completely get rid of the keyboard and mouse operation, but let himself devote himself wholeheartedly, such as throwing out the grenade, you need to personally complete the whole process of picking up from the ammo box and aiming to throw. Unlike many VR shooting games that stand in the game, players need to do their best in the game, look for bunkers, protect themselves from the rain of bullets, and use the double guns in their hands to seize the opportunity to defeat the enemy. VR shooting lets you experience the feeling of a gun king.