VR Technology: Crossing Virtual Foreseeing the Future

- Dec 22, 2018-

VR Technology: Crossing Virtual Foreseeing the Future 


Virtual Reality (VR), the most popular word in the technology circle in recent years. To put it simply, it is a three-dimensional virtual generated by computer simulation to provide users with a sensory experience of sight, hearing, touch, etc., so that users are as immersive as they are. As the industry matures, some highly creative features can be developed and VR will be omnipotent. Next Easyfun takes everyone into the VR virtual world.

If you don't know what virtual reality is, it doesn't matter, we can understand it roughly: it is a head-mounted display helmet. When you wear this helmet, you can experience the real situation through sight and hearing: you may be preparing for a parachute on a plane, entering a New York house from Shanghai, and even narrowing down into a person as a medical student. "Field" learning in part of the body. It sounds like virtual reality devices are like gadgets in science fiction. Of course, these are not all the functions that virtual reality can achieve. In the future, as the industry matures, some highly creative functions will be developed one after another. At the moment, its main function is for gamers - bringing better audiovisual effects through this immersive gaming experience.


VR, is infiltrating your life


When it comes to what VR can do, most people should answer: play games. That's right! Perhaps you have seen the VR Experience Pavilion in some shopping malls. Visitors wear VR glasses and dance in the experience area, completely immersed in the virtual game space. In fact, the original VR games are mainly the simplest immersive experience such as roller coasters and spaceships. With the maturity of VR, many companies have developed VR games that can feel the "real" touch, or can be participated by many people.

At the British Museum in London, you can experience the Bronze Age with VR technology. It is understood that the British Museum cooperates with Samsung. Visitors use the virtual reality helmet Gear VR provided by Samsung to explore the bronze age special website and view the 3D scanned images of the museum collection. Visitors can use virtual reality to explore the use of the collection in ancient times and participate in various rituals including the ancients who sacrificed the sun. Give visitors an immersive experience.

Usually we go to the supermarket, what is the most headache? Faced with so many different brands of products, I do not know which one to buy, the eyes are spent. And in this virtual store to pick up the merchandise, there will be models to show you. You can also immediately mark out similar products for you so that you can quickly make comparisons.

When you visit a home store, you no longer have to worry about the size of the sofa. Put on the VR glasses and put the sofa directly at home. The size of the color is appropriate, at a glance.

It is expected that there will be more VR virtual experiences related to teaching content in the future; perhaps it will help students better understand the course content and even explore scenes that were impossible to explore.