VR traffic: new mode of road safety.

- Jan 28, 2018-

VR traffic: new mode of road safety.

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Nowadays, more and more places are using VR virtual technology. VR is becoming more and more popular and popular in our daily life. Nowadays, even the less well-known transportation industry has extended VR to important areas -- road traffic safety.

"Traffic safety is important, traffic rules should be kept in mind", which everyone knows, but is often ignored in real life. In particular, with the rapid growth of automobile quantity, it has become one of the important reasons for the increase of traffic accidents while providing convenience for people's life. Safety education is always advocated, but the key is always to let the idea of danger get into the air, for the reason is that you can never experience the harm of it without having experienced it.

In order to improve the people's road traffic safety consciousness, prevent and reduce road traffic accidents, traffic police departments and dream technology launched the VR simulation of driving equipment, to show the public road scene, promoting traffic safety.

At present, on the road safety education, it is simply a propaganda leaflet or a traffic police teaching, unable to achieve the expected target, the propaganda effect is greatly reduced. With the introduction of VR, the new mode of "subjective experience" traffic safety promotion can make up for many aspects that traditional education cannot achieve.

The system is diverse. VR simulation driving equipment involves more than 10 aspects including demonstration of drunk driving, illegal lane change, jaywalking, non-compliance with traffic lights, and speeding. The public can experience more than ten kinds of traffic safety simulation cases through the equipment, and the diversified presentation forms make it easier for traffic participants to accept and master, and enhance the awareness of traffic safety.


Panoramic realistic experience. Residents wear VR glasses to experience unexpected situations in the virtual world, such as running red lights and drinking alcohol. Using the interactive VR technology, the real scene, the environment is also close to the life, can let a person experience personally experience the consequences which caused by the traffic violations, get deeper in the actual experiential education experience.


Engage the public. By using VR technology, the public can experience the state of the accident more authentically and attract the active participation of the masses. Can not only let people into the virtual traffic environment, to experience all kinds of traffic behavior to study the traffic safety knowledge, and can be controlled by realistic virtual traffic environment in various training skills to improve traffic safety, reduce the number of traffic accidents.