VR virtual reality app will change the future of human life

- Nov 06, 2017-

VR virtual reality app will change the future of human life

The sea is the most beautiful blue, with white sandy beaches and gentle stretch of distance, while a few bikini-clad women are sunbathing under the blue skies of the seychelles islands in the Indian Ocean. In the shade of the coconut trees, when you reach for a cocktail, you suddenly realize that this is just a virtual reality experience.

2016 has been hailed as "the first year of virtual reality", and the 2016 China virtual reality industry innovation conference and exhibition opened in nanchang, jiangxi province, the world's first city-level VR industrial base.

At the exhibition, some 40 VR industrial chain enterprises including chip, optical device, content and application, shooting equipment and terminal have participated in the exhibition. These exhibitors connect the complete industrial ecology of virtual reality and demonstrate the possibilities of VR (VR) technology to change the way of human life in the future.


HTCVive, which occupies the experience heights, has brought in VR content such as the era of hackers and the quasi-heart, allowing users to play robots in the virtual world or to create archery and 3D paintings. China's electric voice industry leading enterprise gol shares show the virtual reality headset, which is based on the various mainstream platforms, including the PC version of the mainframe, the one-piece machine, VR glasses and related upstream and downstream equipment. The "blue pearl S1" displayed by 3Glasses company is the first in China to use the first display device of customized binocular VR screen to realize the hd quality of super 2K.


On December 21, 2016 China virtual reality industry innovation conference and exhibition, the experiencer lu fan wen used the high definition laser to display AR/VR ski training system


The most likely direction of VR technology to change human life is game, film and television, travel, education, healthcare, sports, shopping, etc., according to industry figures.

To help winter sports athletes train, hongyuan technology has developed a high-definition laser display AR/VR ski training system. "It's not that different from the fact that I'm skiing in reality. It's about speed and passion." Loose ski training system equipment, the experience Lv Fanwen with paper towel wipe sideburns sweat excitedly told reporters, "experience is very afraid of being the branches hit, or hit the rocks to dodge, accelerate or jump."


Zhu chenghao, director of the VR business division of a film and television company in Beijing, believes that the threshold of VR industry is high, and "wang xie tang's former yan" is going to enter the "ordinary people", which may take two to three years.

The above comments coincide with the opening ceremony of China's ministry of industry and information technology.

The virtual reality is an emerging field of highly integrated technology of the new generation, which will have a profound impact on the education, entertainment, health and health fields. However, the development of virtual reality industry, there are many key links that need to be broken, such as the shortage of VR content, and the expensive equipment collected on site, which is hard for ordinary consumers to bear. These are the main factors that restrict the rapid development of VR (VR) industry.

Chinese academy of engineering fee patriotic said, virtual reality technology is the forefront of cutting-edge technology and innovation in the world competition, the commanding heights of the continuous infiltration to the military, industry, culture and people's livelihood and other fields, will bring revolutionary change to people's production and life style. "At the moment, VR applications are emerging in entertainment, gaming and education."

Perhaps in the near future, VR technology can make people never leave home can through all five continents, complete education courses in virtual reality, shopping is no longer need to rush about overworked, people are free to cross between virtual and real world.