VR virtual reality - bring you into a different world

- Jan 08, 2018-

VR virtual reality - bring you into a different world

What is the VR?

•Virtual Reality, which translates as Virtual Reality. Virtual reality is used computer simulations to create a 3 d virtual world, to provide users of visual, auditory, tactile and other sensory simulation, let users as immersive, can timely, there is no limit to observe things in three dimensions

The technology included in VR:

Virtual reality is a combination of various techniques, including real-time 3 d computer graphics, a wide-angle vision (wide) stereo display technology, the observer's head, eyes and hands of tracking technology, as well as the sense of touch force sensing/feedback, stereo, network transmission technology, language input and output, etc.

In short, there are four: display the sound sensory feedback language

The direction of VR usage:

VR has a wide range of USES, such as medicine, entertainment military, interior design, geography, education, etc.

For example, VR is used in education

VR education can provide immersion teaching, solve the students' concentration, low learning efficiency and learning interest is not high, at the same time to solve the problem of the original teaching equipment upgrades slowly. The content of VR education is also more interesting, and its immersive VR experience shows that it has entered the natural sciences, from anatomy and biology to social sciences, history and literature.

Introduce the software of VR

• start

• Blender

•Blender is a free 3D modeling tool for VR development

• in the initial stage of learning, there are many teaching resources on the line that can help you quickly understand how to use it

• other 3D modeling tools do provide more and more powerful functionality, but for starters, Blender is sufficient and free.

• advanced


•Maya is the industry standard for 3D modeling

In contrast to Blender, Maya offers a richer and more powerful control function, but the interface is also more difficult to use. For VR development, Maya is suitable for more complex product requirements.

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