VR virtual reality development employment prospect

- Nov 04, 2017-

VR virtual reality development employment prospect


VR virtual reality technology can be widely used in urban planning, interior design, industrial simulation, monuments restoration, bridge road design, real estate sales, tourism teaching, water conservancy, electric power, geological disasters, and many other fields, to provide practical solutions. What about VR virtual reality development employment outlook?


The application of VR in medicine is of great practical significance. In the virtual environment, can create a virtual human body model, with the aid of track ball, HMDS, feeling gloves, students can easily understand the structure of human body internal organs, than the existing way of using the textbook is much more effective.


Military space:

Simulation training has always been an important issue in military and aerospace industry, which provides a broad application prospect for VR. DARPA, the defense advanced research projects agency, has been working on a virtual battlefield system called SIMNET since the 1980s to provide tank co-training, which can connect more than 200 simulators. In addition, VR technology can be used to simulate zero-gravity environment for non-standard underwater training of astronauts.

Interior design:

Virtual reality is not only a demonstration medium, but also a design tool. It in a visual form to reflect the designer's ideas, such as before decorate a house, the first thing you need to do is to do careful idea, structure and appearance of the building in order to make quantitative, you also need to design many drawings, of course, these drawings read only professional, virtual reality can turn this idea into visible virtual objects and the environment, make the past can only with the help of traditional design pattern to promote to the perfection of digital or see is what you get, greatly improving the quality and efficiency of the design and planning.


Real estate development

As the competition of the real estate industry intensifies, traditional display methods such as floor plan, performance chart, sand table and model room have been unable to meet consumers' needs. Therefore, it is a good idea to grasp the market trend, to enable the latest technology and quickly turn into productive forces. We can take a step ahead and defeat the competition.