VR virtual reality industry outlook analysis industry stands at the crossroads

- Jan 02, 2018-

VR virtual reality industry outlook analysis industry stands at the crossroads

Since the end of 2015, the concept of VR began large-scale outbreak, more known as "the first year of VR" in 2016, but since 2016 bad-mouthing VR voice is more and more big, the blossoming of virtual reality experience pavilion is off a batch of another batch, industry prospects of skepticism. However, industry insiders believe that the industry will go through a continuous development in the next few years and have an explosive growth period.

According to forward-looking industry research institute "virtual reality (VR) industry in China development prospect forecast analysis report, sorting, according to a 2015, blowout VR industry growth in China, public data shows that in 2013 China established the VR related companies only 30, 2014 rose to 70, jumped to 175 in 2015.

Authorities predicted that in 2017 the global AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality) market scale will reach $11.4 billion, to 2021 will be as high as $215 billion, up nearly 19 times, compound annual growth rate of 113.2%. The United States is the region with the highest spending on AR and VR, with $3.2 billion in 2017, followed by the asia-pacific region, which will reach $3 billion.

2015 was the year of China's VR, but since the second half of last year, the VR market has suddenly entered the frozen season, and so far this year, there are only six new VR companies. In just two years, the roller-coaster change has surprised everyone, and the reasons behind it are intriguing.

Investigate its reason, nothing but is less cumbersome equipment and screen particles are too heavy, the content, equipment prices higher, these reasons together after the overall feeling is: experienced a feel good, but not to buy the impulse, because buy back no playability.

The current in the field of virtual reality technology company, to sum up three broad categories: the first category, represented by vive to HTC hardware manufacturers, both international and domestic large enterprises small entrepreneurial companies are the helmet equipment miniaturization, lightweight direction development, more and more high resolution.

The second category is content companies, which are mostly entertainment (watching movies, games, etc.), but they are few and far between.

In the third category, the enterprises that are more in line with current demand, represented by the technology of reeyang, have introduced some products that meet the needs of the society and meet the production needs.

The personage inside course of study points out, in the moment the hardware equipment cannot meet the demand, content can't fast production stage, could produce enough productive integration of existing resources of product is virtual reality industry facing the test.

The VR industry will not be devastated. VR is still one of the next stops in the tech world. From the point of the whole industry, another three to five years in industry, technology progress, especially in chip technology can greatly improve the VR narrow horizon in three years, the problem such as dizziness, and boost product prices down gradually, try water-based products gradually to a broader consumer product evolution, portable one-piece helmet products into the mainstream, also will let consumers more more frequent use of VR in daily life.

Although the industry faces these difficulties, it does not hinder the industry's enthusiasm for development. According to the emerging technology maturity curve, virtual reality technology has just passed the disillusionment period, and the future will be bursting. With the improvement of technology, VR will enter more and more daily application scenarios, drive the further explosion of the industry, and get the full attention of capital market.