Want to see a 5D movie in the desert? EASYFUN new fashion truck mobile 5D cinema can satisfy you

- Dec 06, 2017-

Want to see a 5D movie in the desert? EASYFUN new fashion truck mobile 5D cinema can satisfy you


How often do you go to the cinema to see a movie? Must have a lot of people think go to the cinema to see a movie is a very troublesome thing, and far away from home, not stop, and take a long time queuing to buy tickets, these are the people turned off to go to the cinema. If you can have a movie theater near your home in the park, the playground, or near your school, near the station where you wait for the bus. It would be nice to have such a mobile movie theater that lets you go whenever you want. But you should say, is that possible? Many years ago people thought it was impossible to fly in the air like a bird, but the invention of the plane realized the dream of flying. So many of the things that we thought were the Arabian nights might be true today in the rapid development of high technology. So what's the dream that people want to make the cinema move? That is guangzhou EASYFUN (5D dynamic cinema) independent research and development of the country's first tractable, card-type 5D mobile cinema, and the national patent!


5d means 5d (Dimension) 5d movie claims to be "through the movie", it in the most avant-garde 3d and 4d films increased the environment and the special effects, on the basis of the audience when watching, with the plot of the film content changes, the viewer can actually feel the wind, rain, snow, thunder, smoke and other natural phenomena, 5d movie, the dynamic seat and platforms with jet, jet, crashes, falls, rise, and legs, and other functions, as if place oneself in the real scene in the movie, let the audience get sight, touch, hearing, smell, full body feeling. Compared with ordinary 3D and 4D movies, 5D focuses more on the audience's sensory interactions. Everyone plays the "leading role" in the movie.


There is a difference between a towed mobile cinema and a vehicle-mounted mobile cinema. As shown in figure 1, it is a traction moving cinema, shown in figure 2, which is a mobile cinema. A tractor-trailer is a separate carriage that can be moved by any car or machine to any place you want to run. The box and car of a mobile cinema are integrated, making it more convenient and flexible. When the cinema needs to change the venue, the mobile cinema is more rapid and convenient. To sum up, there are some differences between the two kinds of mobile cinema in terms of appearance and movement, but their practicality and advantages are very much the same.


This tractive, card-type 5D dynamic cinema advantage. First it is convenient, the investor no longer can not find the business place to worry, a dragon solves all the problems such as decoration, the site management, saves a lot of decoration expenses and the cost of the rent. Compared with the fixed theater operation more flexible, innovative, operators don't have to take the transfer fee and the appearance of the high rent, more don't have to be limited by time and place, can open in scenic spots, parks, amusement parks, pedestrian street, street shops, shopping malls, leisure area, science and technology museum, youth palace, around the school, parking lot, KTV, bar, bus station, railway station and so on. That means that anyone with a lot of traffic can become a business, and when a local audience is tired of watching it, it can be pulled to another place. There is no shortage of new customers and no costs.

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