What advantages does the lucky bag machine have over the toy crane machine?

- Dec 19, 2018-

What advantages does the lucky bag machine have over the toy crane machine?


The bag machine is an innovative concept. The body is similar to a vending machine. Different styles of machines are placed for different scenes. There are 10 to 1000 yuan worth of blessing bags in the machine. There are many kinds of goods, which will appear in the machine from time to time. Apple mobile phones, gold bars and other high-priced products. The bag machine in the bag machine is a beautiful gift box of uniform size. After the customer pays, the lucky bag will automatically drop from the shelf to the exit of the lucky bag machine. The customer can directly take it out and open it, you may get a surprise!

The doll machine is a video game originating from Japan. The Japanese name is UFO CATCHER. The doll machine belongs to the gift vending machine and is a relatively simple one in the large game machine.

The characteristics of the doll machine:

1. The machine cost investment is small; the operation mode is simple and convenient; the machine occupies less land; the investment risk is small, and the machine cost is shorter.

2. Relatively speaking: the market of automatic doll machines is already quite saturated, and many people are doing it. The competition is very fierce. Relatively speaking, the rent of the venue is also much higher. Now it is already behind the doll. How do we invest in the saturated competition of the doll machine market? Here, we will talk about the "Fu bag machine". In fact, the bag machine has the characteristics of the doll machine. More importantly, the bag machine market is blank now, and the surprise inside the lucky bag machine is 100%.


What are the characteristics of the lucky bag machine?

1. Lucky bag. Unexpected surprise blessing bag. Unexpected surprises, merchants will put a variety of different items in the same paper bag or carton, and then carry out a unified price. The contents of the blessing bag will not be disclosed in advance, and the value of the goods in the blessing bag will generally be higher than the price tag. For the consumer, the blessing box is equivalent to a high discount, and the mentality of obtaining a high-value product with a small amount of money and the expectation of an unknown product in the blessing box at the time of purchase make the blessing box popular and quickly sold.

2, Fu bag vending machine blessing box vending machine is an innovative concept, the body is similar to the vending machine, for different scenes placed in different styles of machines, the machine is 10 yuan -100 yuan worth of blessing bags, the type of goods A wide variety of products, such as iphone7, gold bars and other high-value products will appear in the blessing bag from time to time. The lucky bags in the bag machine are all exquisite gift boxes of uniform size. After the customer pays, the blessing bag will automatically drop from the shelf to the lucky bag outlet, and the user can take it away directly.