What are the advantages of VR in the future?

- Jan 30, 2018-

What are the advantages of VR in the future?

Virtual reality and augmented reality may become the next universal interface for human-computer interaction. In 2017, we can still see a lot of related technical progress and content. While some of the most likely to make money at this stage are vertical industries such as education, real estate, healthcare and e-commerce, the most familiar VR apps should still be game entertainment. With the decline in the price of VR hardware, and the content is gradually enriched, the game activities in different electronic worlds will eventually become an important part of mass entertainment.

First, close the relationship between people and games.

The key word in future video games is immersion, and players immerse themselves in the game world. People are no longer content to observe the game world through a particular window, and people need to surround it with visual and audio tracks. The game is now more immersive than it was a few decades ago, and players are more likely to immerse themselves in the game and feel the virtual world.

One of the main goals of gamers is to feel beyond the real life experience, because life is more insipid and repetitive, and we rarely feel like the protagonist and hero of our life. Virtual reality brings surrealism, and players can become the protagonist of surrealism, although rationality tells us that this is not real, it still has great charm. Virtual reality is more closely related to nature, so there are many medical VR applications to help patients adapt to life. It is not just entertainment.

2. Become the protagonist.

The biggest drawback of planar video games is that VR has the greatest advantage. Regardless of the perspective, players are only manipulating the characters rather than becoming the characters. Even in a game as choreographed as grand theft auto, there is a limit to how much empathy can convey. VR stories help players better understand the environment and feel the role.

Increase social interaction.

While the apparent isolation of the VR headset is a disruption to social elements, it is believed that there is a great potential for social elements in VR games and games. With the continued optimization of network latency and bandwidth, we can create VR versions of MMORPG games (massively multiplayer online role-playing games). Such a network can support a large number of players at the same time adventure game social attribute of the self-evident, of course, want to realize the matrix or the matrix "SAO" of the world there are technical limitations.

4. Physical and physiological effects.

Research shows that VR can enhance human empathy, and people are more able to express their willingness to respect through the correct guidance of content. This effect is not limited to the virtual reality itself. The emotional changes can also be extended to the reality. The content creators can use this function to convey the positive meaning. Of course, we should also be wary of people with ulterior motives to spread bad feelings to society.

If the content of cooperative interaction is added in VR, it can help people with social difficulties to train how to cooperate with others, which can improve the team spirit and increase the contact between individuals. We also can't forget the training effect of simulation virtual training on real activity skills. People can get familiar with relevant operations in advance through VR training, and they can get to the ground faster.