What are the entertainment machines for the mall?

- Dec 21, 2018-

What are the entertainment machines for the mall?


Modern shopping malls are really a one-stop service for eating, drinking and playing. Everything is waiting for you to eliminate the table. Many investors are also very optimistic about investment and entertainment. For example, driving a city is a good project, so it is suitable for entertainment machines in the mall. What are you? Let me introduce this question to you.

The noise requirements of the mall for the interior are relatively high. When choosing equipment, the noise should be considered small. Of course, the sound insulation effect is good, and if the mall management allows it, then this can be ignored.

There are various types of people in the mall. You can consider this part of the children. Generally, children who want to play the game consoles want to play a few. Generally speaking, they will agree as parents, so you can choose some simple and fun children's games machines, like swing cars, shooting water/ ball game machines are very popular with children.

For adults, types such as basketball machine, dancing machines, fighting machines, sports games, etc. They are also very popular. Here we recommend the extreme ski game, the ultimate snowboard sports-themed game, players can experience high speed Skiing pleasure, fancy stunts along the way.