What are VR and 3D?

- Aug 13, 2018-

What are VR and 3D?

VR: interactive virtual reality experience

Virtual Reality (VR) is a Virtual 3d space that USES computers to provide users with an interactive and immersive experience. Its features are mainly multi-sensory, interactive and immersive. Multi-sensory perception refers to VR's perception of touch, movement and even taste and smell in addition to visual perception. Interactivity, that is, when users use VR technology, they can interact with it and get the same feelings as in real life, such as disassembling machines and changing equipment. Immersion refers to that VR provides users with a realistic environment and makes them feel as if they are in reality.

3D movies: 3D visual effects

A 3D film is made by combining two images to produce a realistic 3D effect. And through special 3D glasses, users can have an immersive feeling when watching the film. As 3D technology improved, 4D movies began to emerge. Compared with 3D movies, which are simply the lifelike experience of the user's vision, 4D movies will create effects such as smoke, water spraying, seat shaking and so on according to the plot of the film, so that users can feel the effects of virtual reality from various aspects such as perception, touch and vision.