What do the million dollar ocean ball operators do?

- Jan 22, 2019-

What do the million dollar ocean ball operators do?


The safety and health of children is not only the most important concern of parents, but also the concern of any one million seagullball operator, because it directly affects their income. Any one million seagullball operator does not want to see accidents related to safety and health in their own field. At this time, as the operator of million ocean ball, what should we do?


1. Safety is the first priority

The safety of equipment is Paramount. Like the facilities in other parks, the facilities in the mega ocean ball must first meet the relevant national standards; Secondly, it is necessary to make reasonable optimization according to the actual situation of the site to ensure the safety of consumers in the process of playing. These are the safety problems of the equipment.

2. Children's personal safety

In addition, there is the child's safety problems, in order to prevent children get lost in the crowd, site operators can also set the parent-child ring with rivals, before entering the ocean ball pool, the bracelets were sent to parents and children, at the time of leave, only the bracelet matching correctly, can put the children to leave, such measures can effectively avoid the child get lost or taken away by people with heart happens.

3. Health problems

Health concerns are directly related to the site's revenue, think of a messy paradise, who would like to come in to play? So the health room in the mega ocean ball pool is very important. How do you do that? Reference can be made to the following points.

Daily cleaning work is as follows:

(1) tackle: division, each corner is not spared;

(2) vacuuming: use the back type vacuum cleaner to clean the floor and remove dust;

(3) mop the floor and wipe the equipment: the staff carefully clean the dirt;

(4) disinfection: disinfectant water is disinfected according to the ratio of 1:400, evenly sprinkle it on the surface of the ocean ball with a spray pot, disinfect odor and ozone.

Each ocean ball is given a full "bath" once a week, and Easyfun's efficient and fast ball washing machine solves this problem for its customers.


Do you know how many ocean balls there are in each ocean ball pool? How spectacular is it to collect all the ocean balls, from hundreds to thousands? The invisible details are the best interpretation of health and safety. The reason for the site is that we hope every parent can trust their children to put them in the site, and every child can play healthily and happily in the field.

After watching the above, do you have a certain understanding of mega ocean ball and its management? Any project, a site management is a need for certain skills, a certain amount of time and hard work and dedication will be rewarded, million ocean ball project is also the same, master the skills and willing to work hard for the people, will not be too bad luck, do you think?