What extent has VR technology been developed?

- Oct 21, 2018-

What extent has VR technology been developed?


The film "Top Player", which was shown in the previous period, once caused heated discussion. In addition to the wonderful storyline, the game experience of the game's super cool VR virtual world in the movie has aroused everyone's hot discussion. People can't help but ask: The word VR has been heard frequently in recent years. What is the current development of VR technology? Can we enjoy the same gaming experience as the players in the story?


First, what is VR technology?

VR (Virtual Reality) is what people say about virtual reality. VR technology is actually a computer that simulates the environment and stimulates people's sensory system. It creates a virtual world for VR players. Because it can simultaneously experience all-round changes in vision, touch, smell, and body movements, it will produce a kind of presence that you are in that environment. In fact, the role of VR is not just to play games. Perfect VR technology can be applied to all aspects of life such as education, sports, entertainment, and medical care. Imagine: a class of teachers and students, no matter where they are, just bring VR glasses, you can build a virtual classroom and learn together. This experience is not particularly convenient, super cool!


Second, how is the current VR development? 

Today's VR technology is probably one-tenth of the "Top Player" movie. Because the current VR experience is also focused on the visual, it can be supplemented by simple body movements. However, the experience of smell, physical collision, and touch has not been widely applied, and even the visual display effect needs to be optimized, and it has not achieved the true effect like in movies.

Moreover, the advanced experience that VR can provide now requires some auxiliary equipment, such as mobile phones. Other physical external devices are still huge and bulky, and they don't want to be as light as the players' devices in the movie. In addition to the need to match external hardware, the existing VR technology does not have a particularly high level of recognition of the environment. There is still a big gap between VR anytime and anywhere. As for the experience of smell and physical compression, it is still to be developed.

In general, the current VR technology is only the beginning, and has not fully realized the effect people expected. At the same time, it is precisely because of this uncertainty that the VR industry can be expected in the future.


Third, how can we experience VR technology? 

Actually, it is not difficult to experience VR now. Many shopping malls will have VR experience equipment in the leisure area. Friends who like technology or want to know VR can experience it. Come and feel the VR technology brings us a whole new world.