What impact has VR had on our lives so far?

- Nov 21, 2018-

What impact has VR had on our lives so far?


From the vigorous first year of VR to the steady development of today, the "birth" time of VR industry is actually only three years, but during these three years, VR has brought real changes to our life and the imagination of the future is everywhere. VR live broadcasting, VR house viewing and VR game have brought a lot of convenience and color to our life. At the same time, however, VR has been questioned. For example, in some VR apps, some users will feel dizzy, and therefore VR is not suitable for long wearing. So what impact does VR have on our lives?

Virtual Reality, or Virtual Reality, is fundamentally different from traditional screens. Whether it's a phone, a tablet or a TV, its screen size is fixed, and it takes up an area of the real world. While VR can pass each eye a screen for the user to create a 360 ° immersive virtual world, the difference is obvious, the screen is a piece of picture, and VR is one of the world.


This feature has been well interpreted by the especially hot VR watching this year, and some affordable and simple all-in-one VR watching machines have become popular among consumers this year. For moviegoers, going to the cinema is a very time consuming thing. Besides the time of the film itself, we also need to go to the cinema to get tickets, waiting room and admission. However, watching the film on TV or computer at home cannot provide the atmosphere of the cinema to let people focus on the film.

With VR equipment, we can quickly enter into a virtual but very real cinema environment by wearing it and playing the movies we want to see in a huge number of movie libraries. At this time, users will sit on the "golden seat" of the cinema. The huge screen and comfortable viewing position can bring the movie-watching experience to be comparable with the real cinema. It's worth mentioning that VR cinema also supports 3D effects, which can be seen by lying on the sofa. It can be predicted that VR movie-watching will change people's movie-watching habits to some extent.

Besides the blockbuster movie theater, VR live broadcasting is also becoming a new entertainment method for people. Whether it is the live studio of anchors or the live broadcast of sports events, the immersive feeling provided by VR can make your feelings more shocked.

Compared with VR viewing, in VR panorama and VR games, 360 ° immersive visual can be more intuitive to reflect. For example, through a super clear VR picture, we can stand in the beautiful scenery around the world and look around, and we can see the most suitable landscape of the beautiful land season, time and location without leaving the house. Even the static picture is enough to make you linger on.


In VR games, players no longer keep still to the screen. By holding the controller and head tracker, users can not only do real sword wielding, shooting and other work, but also turn around and walk to enter different scenes and truly immerse themselves in the virtual world, which is totally different from traditional video games.

Although the game content of VR is far less abundant than that of mobile phones and computer platforms, in recent years, there have been great hot style VR games coming out every year, such as Pay day 2, Fall out 4, Beat Saber We can hazard a guess that in the future, whether you want to be batman, hulk or iron man or harry potter, VR headsets can help you achieve your dreams.

 At the same time, VR social networking is becoming a new and new way for many young people to make friends. Compared with the dialog boxes and lists on mobile phones, VR social platform can create a role for you in the virtual world in a real or virtual way, allowing you to walk and communicate freely in the world. With the development of facial expression tracking technology, VR social communication has more space for imagination.

Besides the consumer market, VR has already started many attempts in the commercial field. For example, VR display launched by shell can see the layout and details of the room through the phone, which greatly improves the efficiency of users. In the aspect of VR education, students can see the vivid demonstration video through VR head, which is easier to understand and remember compared with the book and graphic demonstration, thus improving the efficiency of teaching. With the Tiltbrush app, users can pass

Various painting tools create a 3D painting in the space

To be sure, there are still many aspects of VR products on the market that can be improved, such as weight, sense of wearing, volume, etc., and the resolution requirements of the screen have not been fully met, but this also gives the VR industry greater development space and opportunities.


At present, VR technology gives us better entertainment experience and is also applied in some commercial fields to bring convenience to people. In the future, with the development of VR technology and equipment, VR will also play a more important role in our life.