What is 5D Cinema?

- Sep 25, 2017-



product defining

5d cinema, which is composed of 3d movies and the surrounding environment simulation of the virtual space tocreate a new audio-visual systems, it is on the basis of 3d movie and environmental effects of new type of film and television products, through to the audience to film content of physical stimuli, to enhance the audience effect of the real experience. When the audience watching the 3d movie, along the change of the film and television content, it can feel the storm, thunder, rain, impact, spraying water mist around and shoot the legs corresponding event happened and stereo images, create a consistent with the content of the environment.  


Product features

5d cinema, the use of seat effects and environmental effects, in a surreal feeling with special synchronization performance, stimulative effect, with the simulation scenario and special agency set up to simulate the actual events, at the same time of be vividly portrayed, lifelike three-dimensional images, with variations, to simulate the thunder and lightning, wind and frost, rain and snow, a variety of special effects such as explosion shock, sight, hearing, smell, touch and motion perfect blend, add interactive game plot type, and make full use of the interactive props, so that the audience involved and fully integrated into the plot, virtual simulation, thrilling adventure travel experience.    

The urge and desire to see the same movie. That is exactly what 4D cinema is all about, and it is also much more commercially valuable than any other cinema. 


The 5D dynamic theater system introduces the advanced technology of South Korea. The seat is designed with 6 degrees of freedom, which is powerful sensory stimulation, real reproduction, transcendence of reality, which allows players to linger and return, with all the craziness and excitement.