What is a gashapon game machine?

- Mar 22, 2019-

What is a gashapon game machine?


The gashapon, Japanese called GASHAPON, refers to the placement of multiple toy models of the same theme into a series, which are placed in an egg-shaped translucent plastic case and randomly extracted by coin or card. Small items for sale. This model, which was born in Japan in the early 1980s, has a random price due to its low price and is generally popular since its inception.

The gashapon machine has a very cute name called "Gachapon", which is an onomatopoeia. The first half of the "Gacha" homophonic "ka ca" refers to the sound produced when the egg machine is turned, and the "Pon" homophonic "peng" refers to the sound of the toy falling from the gashapon machine.

Japanese toy-locked toys are not only for children, but adults are the main consumer market. The prototype of the twisted egg design needs to strictly control the softness of the toy, the texture of the play, and the vividness of the image. Therefore, the quality of the twisted eggs produced in Japan is excellent, whether it is collected or used as a small pendant, it is also known as the most cost-effective pendulum artifact.


Where is the gashapon machine fun?

From the classic characters in anime to the cartoon image of childhood, to the pets, food, and daily necessities in life, anything can be found out of that little twisted egg.

How to play a gashapon machine? Put a few coins or scan the code to pay, then turn the rotary switch, and then slam the sound - you will hear the twisted egg fall! A large egg-like capsule was born, but you never know what you are twisting before you open it. The random mystery and the thrill of the twisted egg may be the most attractive. . Of course, if you happen to twist out a very rare or favorite character, it's just as exciting as buying a jackpot in the lottery. If you twist it out, it may not be the one you like the most, but you will still get happiness and satisfaction from it. This feeling is addictive, prompting you to understand the happiness in the next twisted egg. The toy is all-inclusive, all kinds of, and the replacement is very fast, every twisting machine or every layer The series has different surprises waiting for you.

The development of the gashapon machine

The gashapon originated in the United States and made its mark in Japan. The rapid development of the gashapon products not only swept the Asian market, but also occupied a place in the global model industry. At first, the twisted egg was only a small model of rough work, and was sent to the gardeners by the major playgrounds as gifts. With the rapid development of the animation industry, the animation peripheral industry is also booming. Japanese toy manufacturers have seen the market opportunity of the gashapons, and improved and assembled the twisted eggs, so that the small twisted eggs have turned upside down.

The gashapon machine is still very popular in Japan so far. An animation empire breeds a culture, a culture that people love, but this culture also affects the crowds of other countries, from the elderly to the young. They are all influenced by the Japanese culture of twisting eggs, like anime characters, like anime dolls, and prefer anime animation movies.

Due to the influence of Japanese anime, the gashapon machine began to officially operate in China. With a pair of eye-catching businesses, this business opportunity was recognized at once. From then on, the factory producing the gashapon machine was built on the mainland. Providing products to more operators and providing a more direct track for purchasing products, therefore, also saves unnecessary costs.

After the gashapon machine has more and more operating points in China, some business people will start to follow the successful operators and also want to earn some money from this industry. However, they also clearly see that others are successful. On the one hand, it is impossible to copy the success of others. It is risky to do business. There are many things to consider when doing business, and there are many things to worry about.

So, these people began to search online for "How to do the gashapon machine business?" "Do you want to do business with a gashapon machine?" "How do you use a gashapon machine to do business?" Some questions, I want to seek some on the Internet. Other people's advice and the success of others. As everyone knows, this kind of problem is all self-explanatory. There is no answer that will make you feel very satisfied. After all, the network is so developed, there are so many people on the Internet, their opinions are good, and of course there are bad suggestions. Because of the opinions of the people, they may not have run the gashapon machine, and may not have done the business of the gashapon machine.