What is the profit of operating gift claw crane game machine?

- Nov 03, 2017-

What is the profit of operating the gift claw crane game machine?

This is an underrated industry, is also very easy to be ignored, pay attention to the industry for a period of time, also made many attempts, the effect is very good, after the last online access to the Internet of things, whether the end of the year there will be a new game, really worth waiting for.

After 10 years of community vertical electrical contractor, 11 years group, 12 years, 13 years old data, 14 years P2P live O2O, 15 years, 16 years after the tuyere, such as self-service equipment in 2017 finally became the tuyere on the pig, born headed by mo worship the bicycle, ofo: share the bicycle industry, also with red the mini self-service KTV, sharing charging treasure, such as all kinds of self-service vending machine based on Internet of things and sharing of mobile payment business model. But there are similar problems with these models, which tend to be heavy assets, big investments, and more pressure on individuals to do things. At the same time, a traditional low-key quality industry - the gift claw crane game machine, quietly ushered in the second spring, once again entered the public view.


Let's take a look at some of the features of the gift claw crane game machine:

1. Small investment: the price of single machine is more concentrated in 2000~4000 yuan, but only 5 gift claw crane game machines are enough to open, which makes it possible for ordinary people to be their own boss.

2, covers an area of small, single machine covers an area of about 0.6 ㎡, don't need to rent the store, and, of course, also don't have to spend too much money to decorate, low prices for shopping malls, cinemas, restaurants and other public places of spare corner can (stair edge, corner, hallway, etc.), it is usually possible to control single monthly rent within 500 ~ 1000 yuan, 50 yuan enough single machine electricity month.

3, light patterns: because it is a buffet, so does not need too occupied manpower, occasionally to do some cleaning, the gift machines and other maintenance work is good, but due to the development of the Internet of things technology, now gift machine can realize remote management, mobile payment, let the operators of real-time control of the state of each device and income, further achieve unattended.

4, small risk, return to this short cycle: in accordance with the above characteristics, it cost is very low, but the gift machine revenue flowing water is quite good (at this point about below), can usually recover the full cost control in 2 ~ 6 months, after is the pure earn, lie for money, just now.

Goes on to say that the Internet especially mobile electricity continues to impact, many stores have don't have the ability to earn the rent and profit, in part of blocks in the coastal developed cities, business circle, there are even a lot of shops no one take over the situation. For many people, shopping malls have been transformed from "shopping" to "browsing and eating", and gradually completing the transition from seller's market to buyer's market. In other words, people are more valued leisure entertainment, this is the gift machine since the 1980 s was born in Japan, because good entertaining (with technical properties), and operational ease (essentially a look will know how to play), low consumption threshold (just one yuan can play), is still popular, longevity. Someone according to the survey, the gift machine is one of the most long in the vehicle industry survival equipment, and footnote. Tough (played a could not help but also want to play, single daily revenue all too easily), commercial bonus issue is far from over.

As for the consumption of the gifts, wholesale prices are mostly no more than $10, while the probability of a machine catching is adjustable, with a high profit margin. Others question the doll's appeal, don't think there are so many people waste money to do things without a plan, I think you may have overestimated the mind, to join a few times more, feelings will know how the magic. In some ways, the gift machine is an offline social model, in contrast to mobile game's "king of Kings". First of all, it was a doll, but also a trophy.