What kind of video game machines are suitable for KTV

- May 21, 2018-

What kind of video game machines are suitable for KTV


Recently, I have often received calls from some KTV operators, hoping to recommend some video game machines in the KTV hall to increase the popularity of KTV and attract more customers to consume.

With the increasing demand of people for entertainment, the number of entertainment places is also increasing, and the competition in the industry is gradually intensifying, how can entertainment places stand out? KTV operators hope to attract more customers by offering some special services. Among them, they prefer to install video game machines in the venue. First, can video game consoles bring more customers to KTV?

Analysis from consumer groups, KTV, the main consumer groups aged 18 to 45 years old, and video game consoles consumers aged 15 to 40 years old, can say both consumer groups is similar, this is enough, can go to KTV consumers, is likely to be interested in video games consoles, by adding special item video game consoles, is can bring more customers for the KTV.

What kind of video game console is suitable for KTV?

Suitable for the KTV video game console, or play novel enough; It can either attract eyeballs quickly and attract a strong crowd. Or high playability, today I recommend a few:

1. Electronic dart board game machine

To get a strong crowd, it's the electronic dart machine.

First of all, the dart needle of the electronic dart machine is made of nylon and has high safety. The dart board of the dart machine is an electronic target made of plastic. The electronic darts also comes with two advertising screens that let you choose to play KTV's video or wine push video, which is more acceptable than hard ads. More importantly, using electronic darts to organize events and events can be very effective if well organized.

KTV can also adopt this method. It only needs to change the prizes to "give XX five beers", "free karaoke for one hour", and "offer a discount of 8.8 percent for private rooms", so that customers can not only experience the fun of the electronic dart machine, but also get certain benefits, which are the result of their own efforts.

2. Mini KTV Karaoke Coin Operated Singing Simulator Music Machine

KTV music singing game machine, 2016 music type video game console new products, mainly aimed at young groups, or friends, or couples. Mida music machine interior warm decoration, high quality acoustics, super strong sound insulation, for young friends to provide a quiet, warm k-song zone, plus it has the function of "sharing circle of friends", can let their "work" share out immediately, believe, not many young people can resist the charm of mida.

Led by "mida", KTV can provide customers with free experience and attract new customers. Can also set up prizes (consumer coupons), in loyal customer groups in the organization of K songs contest, maintenance of old customers.

3. Doll machine

Doll machine can be said to be a man, woman, old and young to kill the video game machine, play simple and easy to understand. KTV sets doll machines, mainly not to profit, but as a KTV characteristics of additional services. People have a kind of greedy small cheap psychology, inadvertently meet the small needs of customers, perhaps customers will bring you surprises.

Another advantage of putting dolls is that the investment amount is small and the operating cost is low. The beautiful dolls in the doll machine are the easiest to attract customers' eyeballs. They can pick up one by themselves and give it to their friends. Why not the best gift!

4. Basketball machine

Basketball machines have long been one of the most popular machines in the city, with a wide "mass base". Put basketball machine in KTV, can let a few customer "hand itch", cannot help to cast a few. According to the analysis of consumer customers of KTV, family gatherings and birthday celebrations are of one kind, which means that there are children in this group. For such customers, KTV can put the combination of children's basketball machine and adult basketball machine, so that children can find fun.

KTV's basketball machine is usually a free experience. Organizing activities through a basketball machine can also be very effective. In this era of increasingly competitive atmosphere, "seeking change" is particularly important. Seeking change, you may not be successful, but you will remain unchanged and will be eliminated by the cruel market. Nowadays, the display of video game machines in KTV has gradually become the KTV range guest guidance

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