What should be paid attention to in kids coin operated swing machine?

- Oct 28, 2018-

What should be paid attention to in kids coin operated swing machine?


The swing machine, also known as rocking cradles, swing cars, bass cars, children's rocking cradles, children's coin-operated swing machines, etc., is a casing made of fiberglass and rubber that is driven by a motor to make a children's toy that can be shaken up and down. The car is a common children's play equipment in the indoor children's park. It is very popular among children. What problems should children pay attention to when playing children's coin-operated swing machines in the playground?

The child coin swing machine is operated by coin-operated mode and can be automatically controlled (can be adjusted once every 1-9 minutes). The length of the adjustment time can be set by the owner himself. When parents take a child on a swing machine, in addition to the development characteristics and needs of the child at different ages, it is necessary to choose a swing machine that is safe, hygienic, non-toxic, and regular. Only such a swing machine can accompany the child healthily and happily growth.


Kids coin operated swing machine safety

Although children's coin-operated swing machines are positioned as play equipment for young children, regular products should have relevant child safety protection measures. Generally, children's coin-operated swing machines are basically 60 and 70 cm high, and they are in operation after the coin is activated. The state of constant swinging movement, not to mention the fact that there are many cases of cracked and cracked casing, irregular design and manufacturing, and even safety hazards in the swinging machine itself. For the safety of children, remember not to use the swing machine as a safety device. When children play on it, they must be accompanied by an adult. Businesses operating the swing machine business should also pay special attention to it. In addition to the site setting taking into account all aspects of safety factors, and reasonable setting of safety warning slogans, we must also supervise and supervise parents and friends to pay attention to their own children, so as to avoid unexpected accident!


Kids coin operated swing machine hygiene

The swing machine is placed in the open air for a long time and is easy to breed bacteria. For the health condition of the swing machine, parents should pay attention to it. After all, there are many people playing, and there will inevitably be bacteria. Those open-air rocking cradles receive many small customers every day. Does the operator regularly disinfect the cradles? The answer is often no. According to a shop operator, if the rocking cradles at the entrance of the store are dirty, they will clean and never think about disinfecting. The cradles in the supermarket are very dirty for a long time, which will affect the health of the children. Children aged 2-6 are not as good as adults and have weak resistance to bacterial viruses, so parents and shaker operators must strengthen attention.


Kids coin operated swing machine is non-toxic

Most of the plastic swing machines sold on the market are made of polyvinyl chloride plastic. The colorful colors of the swing machine benefit from metal cadmium. Polyvinyl chloride can decompose hydrogen chloride gas harmful to human body after aging. Cadmium is very toxic and can invade the human nervous system. There are also wooden or iron swing machines with paint on the surface, and the paint contains lead, arsenic, benzene and other toxic substances. If the child often puts it in his mouth or does not wash his hands after eating the swing machine, then toxic substances will slowly ingest into the body, causing chronic poisoning, which causes various diseases.


Kids coin operated swing machine regularity

Many swinging machines are complex in shape, with a screen on the front, colored lights on the fuselage, keyholes and screws near the coin slot, and the power box is also within reach. There is no warning sign on the machine. The manufacturer, date, quality certificate and other information are not indicated on the swing machine.