When driving meets VR

- Dec 18, 2018-

When driving meets VR


Not long ago, the new version of the driving test series standard further optimized the examination content and evaluation, improved the examination procedures and requirements, and optimized the examination supervision management. Many netizens feel that it is getting harder and harder to drive a test, and the driver's license is getting harder and harder to test. However, driving has become a necessary transportation skill for modern people's lives, and the number of applicants is still rising.


If you are told that the train is no longer affected by the harsh environment such as wind, sun, rain, cold, heat, etc., you can easily practice in the air-conditioned room, you can't believe it. VR virtual driving makes learning cars safer and more efficient.

What is virtual driving?

Virtual driving refers to the use of modern high-tech means to let the experiencer feel the visual, auditory and physical car driving experience close to the real effect in a virtual driving environment. Also known as car driving simulation, or car simulation driving.


What technology is needed for virtual driving?

It uses 3D image instant generation technology, vehicle dynamics simulation physics system, large field of view display technology (such as multi-channel stereo projection system), 6-DOF motion platform (or 3-DOF motion platform), user input hardware system, stereo Audio, central control system, etc.


What are the advantages of virtual driving?

1. The learning environment is safe and efficient. Intelligent learning through virtual driving makes it easier for students to master driving skills.

2. You can practice at any time. The way to learn to drive is more flexible, diversified and personalized.

3. Real-time voice and screen prompts. Detailed decomposition of the learning car project process can correct errors in time, and the training effect and quality are greatly improved.

4. Intelligent learning mode. Not only is it beneficial for the students to drive the exam, but it will also better enhance the participants' sense of driving participation and safety and civilization.

5. Can be deeply implanted in traffic accident cases, defensive driving skills, etc. Let each student's all-sensory learning safety warning education reshape each student's respect for life and respect for safe driving.