When the children's game machine revenue is not ideal, you can think from the following business perspectives:

- Jan 19, 2019-

When the children's game machine revenue is not ideal, you can think from the following business perspectives:


(1) Whether the planning of the site is wrong - review and improvement: functional distribution, game composition, spatial positioning, customer positioning, market support, etc.

(2) Analysis of management market management data - comprehensively quantify relevant business data comparison and do a good job in operating data budget, match the market, and regulate the business direction.

(3) The management team and the service team are the core improvement work - good management strength to create market competitiveness and profitability.

(4) Marketing mechanism and event planning are the competitiveness of occupying the market – the event planning without finding the right direction is a “game”.

General idea of event planning

A, the theme should be single, inherit the whole marketing idea

When planning activities, first of all, according to the actual problems of the entertainment venue itself (including the time and place of entertainment activities, the expected cost of investment, etc.) and market analysis (including competitors' current advertising behavior analysis, target consumer group analysis) , consumer psychoanalysis, product characteristics analysis, etc.) to make accurate judgments, to convey the most important information to the target consumer groups, the so-called "doing something, not doing something", in order to get the most wanted information The most adequate communication to the target consumer group can attract the attention of the consumer group and it is easier to remember the information you want to express.

B. Directly explain the points of interest

After identifying the only topic, the consumer group can also accept the information we want to convey, but there are still many people who remember the advertisement but have not formed the impulse to buy. Why? Because they did not see it for them. The point of interest of the direct relationship, therefore, it is very important in the event planning to directly explain the points of interest, if it is a promotion, you should directly tell the consumer the amount of the amount of the discount, and if it is a promotion, it should be the most sold The only selling point is that the target consumer can cause the purchase impulse after contacting the direct interest information, thus forming the purchase of the game currency.

C, activities should be around the theme and try to be as simple as possible

Many planning copywriting often want to perform a lot of activities when planning activities. It is believed that only rich and colorful activities can attract the attention of consumers. In fact, one of them is easy to cause irrespective. Many market activities are very active, and many people participate. It seems that the response is very enthusiastic, but how many of the people who are onlookers or participants are the target consumers of the company, and even if they are target consumers, they are after the event. Are you buying game coins one after another?

At present, some of the problems that some planners often complain about are the ethical issues of onlookers' participation. Many people often go to watch the excitement (like what game competition), or take away the gifts issued by entertainment venues and leave.

In fact, the problem here is that the content and theme of the event do not match, so it is difficult to achieve the desired results. In the current market planning activities, there are some activities that are both lively and at the same time achieve good results, because the activities are only around The theme is carried out. Second, the cost of activities is increased and implementation is weak. In a plan, if too many activities are added, not only will it have to invest more manpower, material and financial resources, but it will directly lead to an increase in the cost of activities. Moreover, there is still a problem that it is easy to cause the operator to perform poorly and eventually lead to the failure of the case.

D, has good enforceability

A suitable event planning, a good creative planning, and a good executive team are the successful marketing activities. And whether the implementation is successful, the operability of the plan is most directly and fundamentally projected. Planning must be well executed, in addition to careful thinking, detailed activities are also essential. The time and manner of activities must be carefully analyzed taking into account the location of the execution and the situation of the executives. The specific arrangements should be as comprehensive as possible. In addition, the impact of the external environment (such as weather and market culture) should also be considered.

E, transform writing style

Generally speaking, planners often accumulate their own set of experience in the writing process of the plan. Of course, this experience is also reflected in the writing form of the plan book, so each person's plan book may have its own mode. But often such a model limits the thinking of the planner, and there is no change in the view that it is impossible to grasp the market. In the content of the planning book, the writing style should also be changed, because if the same customer sees that your plan is the same shell, it is easy to create a psychological distrust attitude. The first cause effect may affect the performance of the creative.

F, avoid subjective speech

In the early stage of event planning, market analysis and investigation are very necessary. Only through the analysis of the overall market situation can we more clearly recognize the problems faced by entertainment venues and find problems to find solutions in a targeted manner. The way, the subjective and obscure planner is impossible to make a successful plan. Similarly, in the writing process of the planning book, subjective ideas should also be avoided, and subjective words should not be avoided. Because the planning case is not implemented, any results may appear, and the subjective judgment of the planner will directly lead to the execution of the event and The ambiguous analysis of the form, and if the consumer sees the subjective words in the planning book, they will feel that the entire planning case has not undergone a real market analysis, but is the result of subjective judgment.

Summary: The purpose of the video game city planning activities is to attract players and stick players through various surprises, so the activities should not be too frequent, blindly planning, organizing, or activities for activities are not worth the loss. Targeted, planning the corresponding activities according to the goals you want to achieve, the purpose and effect will be much better.