When the tank meets VR

- Nov 22, 2018-

When the tank meets VR


In recent years, in addition to the development of artificial intelligence, VR virtual reality simulation technology has also taken off, VR and AI can be said to be on the same page, and the combination of VR technology and AI technology complement each other. The recent tank simulation theater was developed on the basis of a six-degree-of-freedom motion platform and was on the market.

The six-degree-of-freedom motion platform consists of six electric cylinders, six universal hinges on the upper and lower sides, and two upper and lower platforms. The lower platform is fixed on the foundation, and the upper platform is completed by the telescopic movement of six electric cylinders. The movement of six degrees of freedom in space allows for the simulation of various spatial motion poses. The six-degree-of-freedom motion platform involves a series of high-tech fields such as mechanical, hydraulic, electrical, control, computer, sensor, space motion mathematical model, real-time signal transmission processing, etc. Therefore, the six-degree-of-freedom motion platform is the symbolic symbol of the control field level. It mainly includes the space motion mechanism of the platform, the space motion model, the hydraulic system, and the control system.