When the VR element is added, the future construction industry will have these changes.

- Feb 13, 2018-

When the VR element is added, the future construction industry will have these changes.

With the continuous popularization of VR technology, in addition to entertainment game, it is more and more such as medical, scientific research and so on are gradually showed a high application value, and in the aspect of construction industry, it is now in the phase of preliminary research start, and more and more large construction companies have begun to invest, and even set up specifically for this building VR model and corresponding VR department to help customers more directly understand the effect of visual layout construction.

So from the point of view to a large extent, VR will be a revolutionary impact on construction industry in the future, on the other hand, this also is for construction projects are known as the extension of 3 d modeling software, perhaps in the future with the development of VR technology in the construction industry, the future of young construction engineers don't even need to learn the construction of outdated and complex software, and directly using VR equipment simulating the three dimensional animation as a tool for direct mapping mapping, etc., this will let them will building plane graph implementation on the space to expand, to help them better improved model creation effect, and in addition to the 3 d modeling, VR will also be able to put these models more realistic in the form of virtual reality in front of the designer, so even if is the layman can also be very clear of the construction industry directly analyze the work assessment, and don't have to use all kinds of sketch to understand the floor plan, elevation and other traditional architectural design.

When these VR construction effect when presented to the customer, and different, they will be more real see after the completion of the construction products vivid visual effect, for the construction projects, often happen due to early expectations do not tally with the actual effect of architects and the client side of the dispute, can have very significant improvement effect, also consider that big companies are accelerated the VR technology research and development investment in architecture design of integration.

But on the other hand, the application of VR technology in the construction engineering for some small construction company does not seem to be a happy thing, for customers to do BIM 3 d data modeling and VR model will make their operating costs, labor costs, investment costs and project time are greatly increased, it is a small technology companies do not want to see. Because the employees have to spend a lot of time to research and development, recognition and supplement the best VR software options, and also to breakthrough the limitation of all kinds of technical research and development, and VR technology for the architectural design industry develop very fast, upgrading of the related software product upgrade speed is very fast, these small businesses have to be very careful, don't make unnecessary investment. And now there are some existing software plugins that can directly convert 3D models to VR effects, but this requires additional software running licenses and powerful computer performance support. But overall, VR is not yet a viable option for small construction companies that do small projects like kitchen bathroom decoration.

But also somebody thinks small project construction companies should also make full use of VR equipment research and development, through the use of VR for customers in a vivid visual effect, compared to those who had never used the technology of construction company, they will have a dozen projects competitive advantage and create more enterprise growth, and in this case, architects can also use customer feedback VR practical effect of construction projects to improve, understand customer needs, to avoid cause unnecessary conflict, with the customer and one pace reachs the designated position directly to the project according to the customer's ideal to build a complete, and because of the small companies tend to more flexible shift engineering development direction, so with the help of using VR, their needs and opinions about customers can more quickly react to change, to change, this will be the small and large construction companies are a major means of competition.

Although it is not yet mature, but in the future VR and AR augmented reality undoubtedly will gradually change the traditional construction industry, from the architects and clients will be more intuitive and convenient direct effect of the engineering design reference and put forward improvement opinion, its potential will also be stronger and stronger.