Why Easyfun 9D VR so popular in square?

- Oct 30, 2017-

Why Easyfun 9D VR so popular in square?


The Easyfun 9D virtual reality experience egg chair has just been unveiled, surrounded by passers-by. People are completely attracted to the very high-tech stuff of this eggshell shape. "What is this? "Is this an eggshell? How to play?"

During this summer, children became the main consumers of 9D VR. Lots of parents and their children queue up long time in front of Easyfun 9D VR just want to try it.

Generally speaking, square or playground is an place for walking, relaxation and recreational activities. And also it is one of the good places to open Easyfun 9D VR. It is easy to get all people crowded around the 9D VR.

 1. Loved by both kids and adults

Easyfun 9D has a wide range of virtual reality audiences, regardless of age or gender, and as long as you have a curiosity about novelty, you will be attracted to it. In the square, usually the whole family will try the 9D VR together.

2. Square can gather great number of potential consumers

In general, local square is the most concentrated area of human traffic, especially during the summer vacation.

3. Operation in open area, everybody is your spreader

Easyfun9D virtual reality opens up in the square, and every expression of the experiencer, every scream, will be captured by onlookers and become the best advertisement.

4. 2-3 sets 9D VR work at the same time, more profit you will get.

5. There is wheel, very convenient to move the 9D VR.