Why game machine is so attractive?

- Sep 22, 2018-

Why game machine is so attractive?

The real charm of the game machine does not come from the mechanics of the game, but more from the overall experience that the game can bring to the player as an emotion.

Game playing is mainly the re-use of the elements of the game in the social field. This of course is a good thing to improve some areas that are already boring, such as repackaging activities in a game form. Game is also very active in the field of education. There are even some game training programs for primary and secondary school teachers.

 The main advantages of the game: the ability to have emotional experience, feel the honor of victory, relax, get superiority in the game, pride and so on. If the game has a positive impact on society, it must be beneficial to the healthy development of people's mind and body. But nowadays, considering the attraction of the game itself to people is surpassing the happy and meaning of the game itself.

People play games because the game is not so utilitarian, and the fun in the game is not bound by utilitarianism. There is no fun in the utilitarian game, and there is no meaning, but the two are the internal reasons why people play games and are attracted to invest spontaneously.