Why happy car so popular?

- Sep 12, 2018-

Why happy car so popular?

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As the twilight came, the happy car on the square was dispatched. I saw that the body lights were flashing, and the riders on the car kept laughing, so that there was a happy scene. Looking around, no car was idle. Why is it so popular with the audience, maybe there are people who don't particularly understand the charm of the Happy Car? Let's learn together at my fingertips.

The design concept of Le Bar Car is highlighted in the words “new, strange and special”. The beautiful round body design can be well integrated with the square. The combination of round and face usually gives a comfortable visual effect. With unique lighting effects, many song selections will definitely bring players a joy. Modern urban people work and live under pressure. Players sit on the happy music bar, accompanied by the slowness of music, adjust the speed through the speed gear, the rhythm of the machine before or after the rhythm swing or forward or backward rotation, can be enjoyable , easily release your own pressure.

The Happy Cars have extremely high requirements for safety performance, and have repeatedly demonstrated and tested on the issues of wear, stress, degumming, and robustness. All the happy rolling cars are made of steel structure, with high strength, good toughness, and improved load bearing capacity. The steel structure has strong adaptability to dynamic loads, and is safe and reliable. The use of advanced split control system, wide-band start, eight directions, can be adjusted separately in the front, rear, left and right directions, can achieve 360-degree rotation function. 12V rechargeable battery power supply, matching the new 250 watt high-power motor, the power is stronger and more stable, no noise during operation. In addition, the Happy Bar has eight sensing systems that control its immediate stop at approximately 1 meter of the object, effectively protecting the safety of players and pedestrians. Taking into account the difference in the weight of each player, the Happy Car has greatly enhanced the weight of the body.

The Happy Car is equipped with roller coaster wheel anchoring technology, three-sided ring wheel, stable and frictionless, and smoother. It has armrests for getting on and off, driving safety belts and anti-collision bars to ensure the safety of players. The speed of the car is completely controlled by the player himself, and the speed of the fast and slow gears can be adjusted. The control system is fully digitalized, and can be set to automatically turn off the timer for 1-30 minutes, count up the countless times, and start the wireless remote control. It can also set several cars to start at the same time and end at the same time. The body is equipped with RGB high-brightness LED lights, which are cool.

The key point to mention is that the profitable and enjoyable is also a good performance. It is calculated by 5 Happy Cars operated by a certain venue. The average daily business is 4 hours, and the experience price is 20 RMB per person in 5 minutes, 8 batches of customers are received every hour. The income per machine per day is 20*8*4=640 RMB, then the annual income of 5 Le Bars is 640*5*360=115.2 million. It can be seen from this set of figures that the Happy Rolling Car is a product that can generate revenue for the operators, and is a real small investment and high return project.

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