Why is the lipstick machine so hot?

- Nov 03, 2018-

Why is the lipstick machine so hot?


There are many channels for purchasing lipsticks. We are in the Internet age. Nowadays, the consumer groups are gradually becoming younger. Therefore, online shopping has become the main channel for consumers to purchase products. However, with the proliferation of online stores, many flagship stores have become frequent. In 2018, a lipstick machine with a sudden burst of red light was popular among major operators. The operator and the lipstick brand jointly created it. In the unattended situation, it can be provided by the brand through games or direct purchase lipstick. More realistic, more quality assurance, players can also get a favorite lipstick in a small amount, and occasionally there will be a thin gap red. Therefore, the lipstick machine was once recognized by female players.

The lipstick machine is perfect in the case of such a good time, it can not only create a passenger flow for the mall, but also allow players to win big brand lipstick through the game, and the operator is still a good project. As a heterogeneous game of the new retail model not only has higher profits, but also has better retail effects and is recognized by many brands. The main places are: cinemas, video games, coffee and tea shops, restaurants, shopping streets, airport high-speed rail stations, bars, KTV, cosmetics brand stores, university towns and other young people.

Lipstick is a special explosive item, and in lipstick dispensers, not only lipsticks are placed, but other goods are also available, such as perfumes, watches, bags....for placement and targeting differently, different products can be placed, and then can be positioned as: new retail game selling lattice machine.