Why is the sales of coin-operated dance machines declining?

- Nov 22, 2018-

Why is the sales of coin-operated dance machines declining?

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Why is the current sales of coin-operated dance machines declining? Is the dancing person losing the beauty of action?


Many people in the game console industry know that many changes have taken place in today's game console market. Many large games are too slow to update, so good products are relatively rare, although there are many game machines that are constantly pursuing progress, but developing products requires a lot of manpower and material resources to support.


Now the coin-operated dance machine has also been updated, but the game has not been updated, and the quality of the game console has not changed much, so the sales volume is not as good as before. Some dance machine enthusiasts have changed their direction and turned to other types of somatosensory game consoles. The domestic somatosensory games have always been relatively low-key, and many players are not used to such machines.


The dance machine is actually very good. You can implement some high-tech things in simple steps, so that players can immerse themselves in music and dance and forget about their troubles.