Why is your video arcade business not good as others?

- Jul 02, 2018-

Why is your video arcade business not good as others?


Self-check: if there is a mistake, change it.


Some video game cities have the same consoles, even better than others, resulting in no business, and angry bosses sitting in their offices like birds, asking questions. The professional reminds you, solve and think about four problems first:

1. Check the interior space decoration of the place and whether it can cultivate and create the entertainment consumption range. It is also good to know something about feng shui.

2. Check whether there are adjustable fields in the site planning, including: area, function counter, game combination, etc.

3. Check the ability of the management team and service technology, strengthen training, assessment and establish a good management mechanism, etc.

4. Check the brand marketing and promotion skills in your own place, and the profit will come from the brand value.



1. Recognize from action: the market is a brand's marketing science and technology.

2. Starting today: stop blindly adjusting the odds and don't let customers become confused about the game machine's motivating pursuit.

3. Ideological awareness: respect for customers is the way to survive, the virtue of management and the product of investment.

4. Give customers a fair and just consumption platform: meeting customer needs is the biggest service task.

5.Offer entertainment that customers want, not that investors or managers want.

6. Features of the ordered game machine: intuitive and simple playing method, strong incentive mechanism, and not the most expensive one.

7. The game city should have a professional operation ability and service team: training is the biggest guarantee of operation and management.

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