Why the entertainment industry is addicte to VR collective

- Feb 20, 2018-

 Why the entertainment industry is "addicted" to VR collective

In 2016, it was dubbed "VR year" (VR), and Facebook founder mark zuckerberg predicted that "VR will be the next platform". A few days ago, zhang yimou and gao qunshuo announced their commitment to the VR industry: zhang yimou said he would try to make VR films. And the director gao qun has announced that he will direct Asia's first VR story, a short film from Fuji TV's "world wonder".


Zhang yimou, who dabbles in VR technology, has a new owner.


Recently, the group released the brand SoReal based on VR technology, and announced that it will launch a large-scale offline VR entertainment experience space in July this year. Zhang yimou made his appearance as the co-founder and chief artistic director of the group.

For this new identity, zhang said: "about three years ago, his smile, wang lei (red monkey group founder) with me working on the application of virtual reality in the field of entertainment, I felt very excited, because it has to do with my idea coincides with mine. It is more interesting and pays more attention to the interaction between the experiencers, which can give you a more shocking and immersive experience.


Red monkey group founder and chairman of his smile, they launched the first of VR offline experience products - "super body space", will be in July in Beijing wangfujing street, new yansha gold in operation, the second project will be in July in Beijing exhibition center. "Super body space" is the kernel with offline interactive games, the virtual world and the real space, created for the first time we can see, hear, touch, interactive, free to walk the multi-dimensional virtual reality space.


Virtual Reality, in short, is a computer generated simulation of a real environment or experience. For example, when you put on a "virtual reality" helmet watching American popular TV series "game of thrones, you like to become one of the characters, you in the elevator space-time fictional kingdom fort on the black walls, and experience a variety of adventure, finally you are sharp arrows shot in the heart. Although you're not injured, but your mind and body experience, like really the arrow, and that kind of far more than 3 d movies, as it were, almost completely into the scene, you almost can't distinguish the virtual and real world.


As a new ecological industry, VR has become one of the hottest concepts in recent years. In March 2014, Facebook founder mark zuckerberg paid $2 billion to buy Oculus Rift, a leading VR technology company. Zuckerberg even made a big bet: in the next 10 years VR will be a "very important mainstream product that anyone can experience and share whatever they want".