With virtual reality technology, will become the mainstream in 2018

- Jan 05, 2018-

With virtual reality technology, will become the mainstream in 2018


2018 has arrived, and how will the trend of science and technology development in the New Year will no doubt be as unpredictable as in 2017, from cloud computing to block chain, and machine learning, and virtual reality collision and merger will bring huge technology trends change. This is the foreign media Silicon ANGLE of enterprises, in 2018, an analyst with emerging technologies and the latest industry forecasts.

2017 is a year VR become a mainstream consumer. Analysis of SuperData virtual reality industry in 2018 is expected to rebound, and speed up the development in 2019.

Most observers expect, in the foreseeable future, virtual reality will continue strong growth. IDC recently issued the semi-annual global enhancement and the consumption of virtual reality guide, AR/VR spending rose nearly 95% in 2018, from $9.1 billion in 2017 to $2018 in 17.8 billion. In addition, IDC think that the strong growth momentum will continue until 2021. The company is also expected to basic infrastructure maintenance of the public sector and government training, will be the fastest growing, compound growth rate of 156.7% for five years.

Mind Commerce from 2018 to 2023, according to VR annual compound growth rate of 54.84%. Mind Commerce think biggest VR market in education and training industry. To the industry's revenue will reach $2023 in 2.2 billion. 5 g mobile networks, according to the company's commercial deployment - now plans to begin later next year, will be an important development. 5 g mobile network speed will make wireless mobile VR head show high bandwidth transmission possible.

The most important point: wireless will become a necessary function, the next generation of VR head show will benefit from the wireless function provided by free. Mind Commerce VR all-in-one PC shipments in 2018 is expected to reach 1.5 million, and next year is expected to VR head show shipments for 7.6 million. VR all-in-one PC shipments will account for 25% of all VR head show.

Since 2016, SONY launched the PS VR, the head of shipments has more than 2 million units. Presumably, SONY playstation VR in the coming year will also be dominant. Oculus is developing in the $200 Oculus Go early next year, and the higher the all-in-one Santa Cruz is expected to launch development kit in late next year.

VR in the aspect of social existence. Because the user is with closed VR head show, so in the surrounding friends to interact. The AR technology through the digital image superposition in the real world, so as to realize the interaction between and around the world. As apple launched on iOS 11 ARKit toolkit, and iPhone large user technology, 2018 will be the content creators and AR applications take off for a year. If these experience enough to attract eyeball, AR or will divert attention of VR.

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