You know 3d and 5d movie theater. Do you know 9d vr?

- Dec 04, 2017-

You know 3d and 5d 7d movie theater. Do you know 9d vr?


9d vr refers to the movement based on the 9d, the audience can be real flying wheel or joystick, truly become the protagonist in the movie or game, achieve more shock than 7d, authentic, stimulate the driving experience, the seat can rotate 360 degrees, in the process of running with ears wind, bottom vibration, back vibration, comprehensive realistic simulation of high-speed vehicle driving, flying air combat, etc.

In order to get viewers back from TV, Hollywood has launched a new kind of stereoscopic movie. Viewers wearing special glasses found themselves hiding behind the runaway train and the devil in the form of a thriller like "the devil" and "the wax house." And that brings us to the age of stereoscopic cinema.

5d movie in 3d, on the basis of through unique landscape decoration, advanced computer software technology and 3d graphics and animation technology, implementation of a live audience with a virtual character screen real-time interactive movies. The 5D film is the background and effect of 3D dynamic film, which enables the audience to achieve the effect of immersive experience from five aspects of hearing, sight, smell, touch and motion. Such as when the audience watching the 3d movie, follow the change of film and television content can be real-time feel storm, thunder, rain, such as impact, spraying water mist around the corresponding event occurred and stereo images, the seat will be swayed. At that time, fans can also ask questions, play games and make friends, and achieve a "dimension" of communication interaction.

9d films depend on computer digital modeling to establish a 3d scene, and then use the visual effects rendering technology, will be a 3d scene is divided into right and left eye picture, then two images projected onto a screen by projector, placed in front of the projector polarized light for optical projector radiates light processing, and then with the help of a special polarized glasses, will be the light of the projector, makes the picture left eye see the user's left eye and right eye see default right eye image, thus rendering lifelike optical image.

The specific feeling compares is below, in the cinema is the 3D effect that sees, a word is the feeling event is happening in the present. 5d movie is on the basis of 3d increased interactive, picture is real special, with the experience of its sit car video shaking, 9d movie is on the basis of the 5d panoramic, up and down or so can see the beautiful scenery, and could shoot as well as 5d, such as smoking can simulate the fog effect. In fact, 9D and many other projects are not just movies, such as real people CS, dynamic racing cars and other games to watch.