Your failure to operate a naughty castle is not without reason

- May 06, 2019-

Your failure to operate a naughty castle is not without reason

As a children's play facilities industry, Naughty Fortress is gradually becoming popular. More and more investors are starting to operate naughty castles. You can see Naughty Fortress in both the shopping center and the park. Children are the primary audience of naughty castles, so to successfully operate a naughty castle, we must first grasp the group of children, and then start from other aspects.


Reasons for business failure:

Without special features, it will not give a vivid impression. The business area of the children's park franchise stores is not big, but the equipment is full of dazzling, but the number of products is often small, the depth of products is lacking, the product mix is small, and it can't be satisfied. Children's needs, and after entering the door, give people a very depressed feeling, so that most children are no longer willing to "turn back." The loss of people's traffic is serious, and the popularity is naturally too strong. Service is better. Providing excellent service for children and parents, not just providing products, is not a new topic.

The secret of success 1 - "service"

Naughty Fort should focus on the service, on how to help children choose safe and reliable, innovative equipment, how to recruit some garden administrators who know how to help children and bring more fun to children. There is a relaxed atmosphere in how to get your child into the park. Only after these problems are solved can the children's paradise train a group of loyal children, and the people will thrive.

The secret of success 2 - "quality"

Keep good product quality. Products are the most important factor in marketing. Without products, there is no market. Only high-quality products can gain a foothold in the market. Children's parks must resolutely put an end to counterfeit and shoddy goods, defective products, pay attention to first-in, first-out, and keep the park clean and tidy, to win the trust of consumers with high quality. Promotion is the quickest and most effective way to increase popularity, but the premise is that you must know how to promote, otherwise it may be counterproductive.

The secret of success 3 - "features"

Highlight the features. Try to choose the children's play equipment to choose those that are brightly colored and can catch your child's eyes at a glance.

1, children are undoubtedly like novelty, so children's parks must update equipment in a timely manner;

2. Do some publicity and promotion activities during the holidays to attract customers to come to the membership card;

3, many children are not very active, we can make parents more willing to bring children to the children's playground. For example, in the usual activities, competitions, knowledge lectures and other interactive activities, so that parents think that their children in the children's paradise not only play, but also learned the knowledge and made friends.

4, health, safety, this is a problem that many parents are worried about. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the equipment frequently to maintain the environment inside the park. It is recommended to have a big cleaning every week, and rest for half a day or a few hours. Let the customer clearly know that we put the health in the park in the first place, and we would rather sacrifice the opportunity to make money.