Zhejiang scientific detoxification fruit is the first time to achieve a virtual drug rehabilitation efficiency of nearly 75%.

- Jan 21, 2018-

Zhejiang scientific detoxification fruit is the first time to achieve a virtual drug rehabilitation efficiency of nearly 75%.

Zhang yan (not his real name) interrupted to watch video because of the reporter's interview. When he took off his VR glasses, his eyes glazed over. Remembering video, his hands began to shake violently. "The images of the teeth falling out and the skin festering made me feel sick and I couldn't figure out why I was taking drugs." After a long time, zhang yan's mouth finally jumped out a few words.

Zhang yan is one of the treatment personnel of the virtual reality (VR) drug addiction assessment system in zhejiang province. In zhejiang, like zhang yan, there are no small number of people who accept scientific detoxification. It is understood that in 2017 is the drug action in "science" of zhejiang province, the province into use repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation treatment technology, VR technology, and training of behavior to avoid, for detoxification personnel to carry out the safety, green, science and drug treatments.

Judicature bureau of zhejiang province, zhejiang province and drug administration in zhejiang province in succession recently forced isolation rehab held into the judicial administrative public - "zhijiang law" in 2018 the first propaganda and "scientific" special activities, reporter saw is undergoing in the drug rehabilitation center 11 times of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation treatment Tian Shi (a pseudonym), placed the head coil.

"The coil ACTS on a specific area of the drug addicts, reducing their thirst for drugs," ye xiaobo, an expert on the compulsory isolation of drug treatment in zhejiang province, told reporters. Repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) was performed 20 times, 10 minutes each time.

Virtual reality is zhejiang pioneering treatments addiction assessment system for methamphetamine VR technology, the system is made of 18 hours video for 5 minutes of treatment, drug users every week to watch a video. The film is divided into three stages: drug addiction, aversion therapy, and return to the family, which convert drug addicts from dependence on drugs to drug abusers.

"This system experimental paradigm, induced by clues in the immersive experience brought close to the real telepresence, thus the drug induced and aversion therapy scenario is blended in among them, record the physiological changes when drug addicts treatment, combined with the computer learning algorithm, to accurately assess drug addicts and effective treatment to drug addicts crave. The purpose of" Wang yongguang, Ph.D., director of the center for mental health at zhejiang university, said.

In 2017, the year of scientific detoxification has yielded fruitful results. One set of data that could be supported was that the average drug craving of drug addicts receiving repeated transcranial magnetic stimulation was reduced by an average of 30 to 70 percent. The virtual reality drug addiction assessment and correction system has been granted national patent, and its evaluation accuracy is over 95%, and the treatment efficiency is nearly 75%. Physical rehabilitation has developed functional drug rehabilitation exercises, carried out targeted training, and 98 percent of drug addicts have reached the national physical fitness standard before they go out...

"Zhejiang's science detoxification work is only looking for the track, seeing the dawn, still in the initial stage." Judicature bureau party committee members, zhejiang province, zhejiang Chen Yuhai drug administration, said the next step, zhejiang will continue to send force scientific field, the technology of detoxification and project research and development, to provide the scientific work of "zhejiang wisdom" and "sample" in zhejiang province.