4D Effects Seating Technology

- Jul 23, 2017-

During the Shanghai World Expo, the oil Museum 4D theater broadcast "oil dream", the audience shouted "fun.". Then, Korea CJ group brings 4D cinema to China, and now there are more and more 4D theaters in china. 4D cinema is very popular in the United States, Mexico, Japan and Korea, and the spring of 4D cinema is coming. But now, in the film market in addition to 4D and IMAX hall, hall, hall, hall 4K dual laser 4K. The 4D class also has many kinds, like South Korea's CJ 4DX hall, shadow power is 4D cinema or 4D effects theater, cinema and theater seating effects are also different.

Now IMAX hall, 4K hall, 4K hall, dual laser LD hall, especially LD hall. The others are named after the technology, and the LD hall is named after "light and lightning". The Lumie brothers film is the inventor of the Lumiere cinema hall "LD Lumiere" is French light and lightning.

The projector is not the LD hall is now the most advanced, but the high price of RealD 3D. In the LD Hall seats, there is no choice such as CJ group with dynamic platform seats, but with low frequency vibration leather seats. The Real-D system uses alternating speeds of 144 frames per second to view digital images in the left and right eyes. Therefore, observers wear 3D glasses for powered glasses, the weight is relatively light, more comfortable.

Some of the more professional audience analysis, IMAX projectors high precision, power, and has the reliability and stability of operation. Each drawing is firmly attached to the back of the lens by the vacuum device, so that the picture is much more stable than any conventional standard, and the image is crystal clear. But some front row viewers feel that the IMAX screen is too big and the stereo is too loud. Some of the back row viewers don't seem to make much difference. At the Expo Park in Shanghai, the Saudi Pavilion was the IMAX3D cinema, simply reminding viewers that there might be vertigo, especially in patients with heart disease and high blood pressure. While the RealD 3D screen is small, but the digital 3D screen is very clear, and the high speed moving screen is more comfortable, in general, feel the picture is perfect.

Lumie LD hall cinema seats in Europe and America is leather, luxurious, spacious style, degree of freedom platform no South Korean CJ motion seat, no helplessness, bumps fall action, but has a low vibration and water, seat, and poke back, leg sweep effects, also attracted the audience.

In general, the operating theater does not necessarily choose the most expensive equipment, the use of cost-effective, and can achieve the perfect effect of equipment, is conducive to competition with large theaters. Shadow power production of 4D seats, there are two kinds of 4D dynamic and 4D effects. Especially the 4D effects seat, although there is no freedom platform action, but there are many advantages.