New fitness experience virtual bike

- Jul 23, 2017-

With the improvement of living standards, people gradually decline system more and more fat, lazy, various functions of the body, caused people to pay more attention to the system of exercise, exercise some choice emerge in an endless stream, go to the gym, some choose to climb, some choice, the choice of running bicycle etc..

Either way, the ultimate goal is to our physical health, but because of work and other reasons, you can't have a long time to go out to go to the gym climbing, it is too expensive, reason for running by bike and due to the hot summer weather, I think no one original intended to sun exposure. Especially for the majority of the house compatriots. Then, how do you want to exercise and do not want to go out?

"Virtual" is mainly based on virtual reality, virtual reality is a virtual world (environment) generated by computer, which gives people a variety of sensory stimuli, and is an advanced human-computer interaction system. An ideal virtual reality system should allow users to feel the same way they feel when interacting with a virtual environment. The roaming system of most of the existing two-dimensional interactive interface, using the mouse and keyboard (2D input) (linear input) is an interactive device, follow the "window menu icon - - specify" operation paradigm, interaction of discord, not natural. In order to improve the application of virtual reality technology in the field of motion, virtual reality technology has been applied to enhance the application prospects of virtual reality technology.

As the typical real-time bicycle roaming system based on VRP virtual reality technology, in order to exercise bicycles as a tool for human-computer interaction, the integrated use of sensor technology, DSP control technology, real-time communication technology using the non blocking data, and the realization of multi thread, and through the three-dimensional display of multimodal interaction technology. Allow participants to roam in a virtual environment. When the participants experience, bicycle speed, direction, bridle upwards time and intensity and its rider weight data, through real-time acquisition of sensor, and then through the DSP control circuit is transmitted to the host computer, through analysis and processing, the screen virtual scene simulation and display, to show the effect of VRP in virtual scene; at the same time, when the scene changes in the screen, such as uphill and downhill, the bicycle can also be fed back to the controller through the control software, the damping / driving force, so that the rider has the scene on the downhill, the real sense.