Briefly Describe The Concepts Of 3D, 4D, And 5D Movies

- Jul 23, 2017-

To facilitate the broad masses of customers, friends and citizens of the consumer awareness of the 5D dynamic film industry, we will 3D, 4D, 5D terminology in plain language to explain to you.

3D movies: Movies (3-D film), is the use of a stereoscopic vision display system, then screen the left and right eye image plane projection stereo imaging show, the audience on the stereo depth image. You should wear proper stereo glasses when you admire.

4D interactive movie: four-dimensional space by three-dimensional films and the surrounding environment simulation, which is based on 3D movies on the environmental effects, and the simulation model is composed of video products, through to the audience with the physical film content linkage stimulation, to enhance the effect of telepresence. In addition to stereoscopic visual images, the scene can also simulate lightning, smoke, snow, smell and other natural phenomena, the audience's seats can also produce drop, vibration, spray, water, sweeping legs and other actions.

5D motion picture: the background and effect of the 4D motion movie, so that the audience can achieve the immersive effect from five aspects of hearing, sight, smell, touch and movement. For example, when the audience watching movies, film and television content change along the real-time feel storms, lightning, rain, impact, etc. the corresponding side spray mist and stereo images of events, a dynamic seat will also wobble.