China Nanchang Builds VR/AR Exhibition Platform

- May 08, 2018-

China Nanchang builds VR/AR exhibition platform

As a global VR industry event -- world VR industry conference, it needs a comprehensive display window to show the development and industrial application of VR/AR technology to the world. Based on this, the VR display center, one of the "four major centers" of China's virtual reality industrial base, came into being. The reporter has learned that the VR display center building in nanchang has been basically completed, and the workers are carrying out the decoration in an orderly manner, which is expected to be officially opened in September this year.

VR driving, VR cinema, VR theme park, medical intelligent AR image system After the official opening of nanchang VR display center, the latest VR/AR software and hardware technology and industry benchmark application projects will be displayed here, so that citizens and guests attending the 2018 world VR industry conference can feel the charm and magic of technology. "The display center has two core functions: online trading and offline display. The offline display is equipped with hall, visitor reception center, VR technology development expo center, living supporting area, virtual reality software and hardware theme exhibition area, and domestic and foreign project exhibition area. Online transactions are dominated by IP, intellectual property, and technology transfer transactions. Lu hui, the general director of the VR display center of nanchang, said that the overall design of the center adopts the combination of technology and art to meet the needs of visitors to the maximum with the shocking virtual reality experience, which can attract more people to nanchang and thus fall in love with nanchang.

It is understood that nanchang VR display center has a planned construction area of 14,000 square meters, highlighting the online IP, technology transformation and offline display functions, and creating a never-ending VR