Easyfun Ocean Balls Washing Machine/Indoor Playground Ball Cleaning Machine

- Jun 25, 2019-

Easyfun Amusement Park Ball Pool Washing Ball Machine Ball Pit Dry Cleaning Washing


1.Special thermostat motor: 6-8 hours of sustainable and stable operation according to different ambient temperatures

2.Double brake universal wheel: single load 160kg, stronger, more durable, safer. 3.Electromagnetic push button switch: with power failure and under voltage protection.;Self-contained overload protection, safe operation of the guardian;

Waterproof, dustproof and safer. more durable                                                           

4.External overload protector: All-round protection for the equipment.

5.Air plug: waterproof, dustproof design, safer and more durable. Protect the device from all-round protection.

6. Specific brush: A spiral brush designed specifically for the characteristics of the ball. It delivers the ball faster and washes more thoroughly.

ball cleaning machine