Easyfun The Simulator Racing Game Machine Is The Player's First Choice In The Video Game City

- Apr 16, 2018-

Easyfun the simulator racing game machine is the player's first choice in the video game city


Easyfun in April to promote a variety of simulator racing game machines, best-selling at home and abroad, widely praised by customers.

After the rise of video games consoles, we soon entered every corner of our lives. I believe many people have played racing and shooting games in the video game city, but few people know that these games are called simulator racing game machines. These are simulated game scenes to give players a feeling of being in the game. Therefore, it is very popular with the majority of players.

There is a saying among the players that going to the video game city without playing the simulator is basically a white elephant. It can be seen that the simulator is in the player's mind.

Our simulator, no matter in the picture, operation, can be realistic enough. Simulator complex, but a lot of the characteristics of the video game console in the simulator can be seen, so really want to understand the principle of it is not difficult, it is a comprehensive application characteristics of several other types of video games, so in terms of gameplay will give players the best feeling. Racing game, for example, it is by the chair control, direction control, throttle controller, and so on, each part has its independent control system, so when we are in the game, you can see super clear simulation image, true three-dimensional surround sound and responsive joysticks and so on, let us in the game when they feel like a real driving racing cars.

Guangzhou Easyfun Animation Technology Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of 4D/5D/7D/XD cinema, 9D VR (9D virtual reality) cinema equipment, a series of VR simulators, outdoor parent-child playground rides, indoor arcade game machines and other amusement park equipment.

EASYFUN was founded in 2005 and located in Panyu District, Guangzhou - the center of China’s animation industry. Easyfun is an integrated company focusing on R&D, production, sales and marketing management. During the past over 10 years, Easyfun devoted itself to the most advanced technology in the world, and created lots of well-reputed 9D VR simulator products and popular arcade game machines. Base on global market, Easyfun already exported its products to more than 100 Countries.

Now Easyfun already set up a branch company in Indonesia, and also we have exchange and cooperation with USA team, Australia Team and Korea Team. Our aim to be a great internationalized company in entertainment industry.