Why HTC Vive Is The Best VR Glasses So Far?

- Sep 21, 2017-

The HTC Vive was born out of a partnership with Valve, the giant gaming company that runs the world's most popular store for distributing digital games, Steam. 


The Vive debuted in March, and critics' consensus was overwhelmingly positive: They called it "astonishing," a device that "cracked the VR code" and "made me believe in VR."

Business Insider's Steve Kovach got to try the HTC Vive for himself — he said it was ------- awesome."

Unlike the other VR headsets on this list, the Vive works thanks to sensors in the headset and two controllers you hold in your hands — HTC built a tracking system that emits a laser array in your living room so it can sense the walls, the headset and the hand controllers, which will allow you to move freely around the room as you do so in the game.

Also unlike the other two headsets, HTC's headset will begin shipping later this year, not next year. So unless another competitor pops up between now and then, the Vive will have a major head start on the drive to get virtual reality into people's living rooms.