Egg Chair 9D VR

- Jul 23, 2017-

1, high cost performance experience

In the past, hundreds of thousands of virtual reality devices, in the 9D virtual reality experience Museum, to share with each customer, it is cheaper than watching a IMAX 3D movie. However, dozens of tickets, you can first experience the mysterious charm of science and technology, and feel the new experience brought about by virtual reality, how to make people do not move?

2, the original copyright virtual film

In the eyes of the industry is still stuck in the hardware parameters of the phantom star has now, quick step to seize the soul of virtual reality equipment -- content. An independent team of high-quality original, massive resources to choose from, a month of surprises...... The phantom star built powerful content barriers, help partners always stick to the user, and always maintain the leading, without fear of any competition.

3, access to social functions

Based on the design of social interaction with high interactivity, users can not only experience the virtual reality technology, but also compete online with their relatives and friends. Even through the live screen, their exciting adventure process will be real-time sharing to the outside, attracting passers-by stop, to achieve popularity, efficient polymerization, nurturing potential consumer groups.

4., experience virtual reality, suitable for shopping malls, real estate

Fairs, hotels, KTV, amusement parks and other warm events. The site is returning quickly! Provide technical support, profit plan, game update and so on!