Guide To Trampoline Park

- Jan 17, 2020-

Guide to trampoline park

trampoline park

The rise of the industry has also attracted the idea of some operators wanting to run a trampoline park. Some of these people are elites in the trampoline industry, and some are elites in the trampoline industry. Industry practitioners. So what do you need to know to open a trampoline park?

Consumer group positioning and location

Different types of trampolines and different locations are needed for different consumer groups. If the planned trampoline is for children, it is a children's trampoline. The best place for such a trampoline is the large shopping malls and residential neighborhoods. If the planned trampoline is a professional trampoline, the floor height required for such a trampoline needs to be about 6.5 meters.

Selection of hardware and software products

Hardware purchase:

To open a trampoline park, trampoline products are indispensable. There are generally two ways to purchase trampoline products:

The first is to purchase independently. Contact some manufacturers of trampoline products and put forward your ideas to them. They will produce plans and renderings. The other is to join trampoline brands. Brands will design a set of plans and renderings according to the size of the venue . The advantage of self-purchasing is strong flexibility, but you need to have a good trampoline concept, so that the final actual effect is not too monotonous and the playability is not strong. Regardless of self-help purchase of building or franchising brands, before purchasing trampoline products, we must have a thorough understanding of the industry, so as not to purchase poor quality trampolines.

The ways to understand are: one is to join the trampoline practitioners group, or step on the trampoline park at the annex, and learn about some of the more successful trampoline decoration and trampoline brands. The second is to go to the trampoline manufacturer in person to conduct field inspections and inspect the scale of the factory. In case you encounter a bag company.

Software purchase:

A well-run trampoline park has a good software system. Current trampoline consumption patterns are also various, such as: by show, by time period, time card, monthly card, annual card, and so on. There are also admission notices signed and lockers rented. Hyundai has entered the era of 5G. Functions such as WeChat membership cards, customers paying attention to WeChat public account ticket purchase and recharge, and even marketing expansion of WeChat membership cards are essential.

The most easily overlooked part for many operators who are beginning to enter the trampoline field is the software part. Especially for some practitioners in the 1960s or 1970s, the misunderstanding that is easy to fall into is that the trampoline software is optional, and the key is the trampoline hardware. In the same area, some trampoline parks operate very successfully, and some trampoline parks are tepid. Apart from the trampoline hardware we can feel, the unknown is software.

However, with the rise of the trampoline industry, various membership management software has also begun to sell dog meat. You also need to be very careful when purchasing trampoline software. When you come into contact with a trampoline system, it is important that the other person has a success story. In the process of talking with the other party, watching the other party's understanding of the trampoline park business model can determine whether the other party is an experienced person in this industry. If the other party can't tell even some basic trampoline park consumption processes, then such software is definitely not available.

Pre-opening promotions and promotions

Publicity before the opening of trampoline parks is very important. Many trampoline parks start to warm up one month before opening. They often hold events in large shopping malls nearby to attract consumers' attention. Then rely on a variety of marketing methods, such as: on-site card recharge and gift, cash coupons, free vouchers, WeChat sharing and courtesy, send friends to gather like free games to spread awareness.

Operation during business hours

Trampoline is in the business period, in order to keep consumers passionate about playing. Some activities are also needed during business hours. Some successful trampoline parks will invite some professionals in the trampoline industry to play some cool moves in it to stimulate the passion of the players. I will also do some regular teaching on recreational movements. At certain times, there are also regular competitions.